AJ Hawk’s Wife: Meet Laura Quinn Hawk and more

Laura Quinn Hawk: AJ Hawk, the former American football player, has played a lot of seasons in the National Football League. And he is loved by a lot of people, but very few people know about his personal life. Who is his wife? Learn about AJ Hawk’s personal life, his wife, and more in this article.

Aron James Hawk, Famously known as AJ Hawk, is an American Sports analyst. He used to be a football player in the past. He has played 11 NFL seasons as a Linebacker. Green Bay Packers drafted him fifth overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. He won Super Bowl XLV with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

AJ Hawk has been married to his wife for several years now they have known each other since before AJ rose to fame in the NFL.

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Who is Laura Quinn Hawk?

Laura Quinn Hawk
Laura Quinn Hawk

Laura Quinn Haek is a talented interior designer. She is the owner of LCH Interior, which is an amazing interior design firm. Laura established her firm, LCH Interiors, back in 2017 when she was living in Green Bay.

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LCH Interiors is spread across the United States, with projects in six different states. LCH Interiors specializes in settings with a variety of features, textures, styles, and personalities. Laura began in 2006. She graduated from a college in Lexington, Kentucky. She worked as an intern in Los Angeles in August 2004. Laura’s net worth is estimated at around $800,000.

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Parents: Tyrone J. Quin and Robin D. Quin

aj hawk family
Image Credit: Instagram

Laura was born in Dublin, Ohio, in the United States. She is the oldest of her siblings. Laura has two siblings:

  • Brady Quinn 
  • Kelly Katherin Quinn

Brady Quinn is an American former football quarterback. He has played in the NFL for seven seasons.

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Laura Quin and AJ Hawk

Laura and Aaron first met through a mutual friend in 2004 while they were enrolling at different universities. Laura was studying broadcasting at California State University, Los Angeles. At the same time, AJ was enrolled at Ohio State University. The couple dated for a few years after they decided to get married in 2007. They had a beautiful wedding in Dublin, Ohio.

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The couple has been married for 16 years now. They are raising four children together in Ohio.

Hawks four children
Image Credit: Instagram
  • Their first daughter, Lennon Noel Hawk, was born in 2010.
  • Their second child, Hendrix Knight Hawk, was born in 2013.
  • The couple hasn’t shared the names or any other details of their two other children.

That is all there is to know about the lovely wife of former NFL player AJ Hawk.