Who is María Bernarda Giménez: Christian Giménez wife and more

Christian Gimenes has made his name in the Football world as a Mexican player and also as a commentator. What about his personal life? Who is his wife? Learn that and more in this article. 

Christian Eduardo Gimenez is known by his famous nickname Chaco, as he comes from that province of Mexico. He was born in Argentina and represented the Mexico National Team. He was also a Manager and a sports commentator.

Christian Gimenez’s wife is Maria Bernarda Gimenez, and they have been happily married for a long now. They have two kids together.

Who is Maria Bernarda Gimenez?

Christian Gimenezs wife
maría bernarda giménez

Maria Bernarda Gimenez is known for being the wife of Christian Gimenez, a former professional player. She has kept her age, birthplace, family, and other personal details private and unavailable on the Internet. 

The dates for her and Gimenez are also not available. The couple has two children, a son, and a daughter.

  • Santiago Gimenez was born on April 18, 2001. He is also a Mexican Professional football player, like his father.  
  • Agustina Gimenez 
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Christian Giménez’s career

Christian Gimenez Family

He was born on February 1, 1981. He started playing football at a young age. He was signed for the Juniors Scouts by Boca. He got admitted to the youth squad immediately. 

Gimenez started his career in the Professional Argentine League with Boca Juniors for almost ten years. h e also won the Apertura 98 Clausura. 

Gimenez later moved to Mexico and got citizenship in 2013. And he joined the Mexican National team in August 2013. In his first match, which was a friendly matchup against Ivory Coast by 4-1. 

That is all about the wife of Christian Gimenez, Maria Bernarda. I hope you got all your answers in this article.