After Retirement Cristiano Ronaldo plans to become football club

Cristiano has said in an interview that he could be a club owner in the future when he retires as a professional football player. Currently, the star is under contract with a Saudi Al Nasr club. His international contract with the club will expire in June 2025, but he is already looking at his future options once he retires.

If you want to explore what Cristiano Ronaldo plans on doing after he retires, then keep reading the article below, where I will tell you more about it.

ronaldo retirement date
Ronaldo retirement

Is Cristiano Ronaldo set to own a football club?

In an interview, the football star, Ronaldo, 38, commented that he is open to the idea of being a club owner someday after he retires as a professional footballer. Ronaldo is interested in keeping playing for the next 2 or 3 years.

Ronaldo left Manchester United to sign a contract with Al Nasr club in January. He was delighted to see his fellow Real Madrid player, Karim Benzema, Join Al Nassr after not taking a one-year extension contract from Real Madrid.

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In an interview, Ronaldo also said that joining the Saudi club would open its gates for many other players. After Benzema joined the club, he hoped that many others would follow.

He expects the Saudi league to become one of the greatest leagues globally in 2-3 years. They want more competition in the Saudi league, and he also said that he faced zero issues during his time there.

Fans were disheartened when another superstar Lionel Messi turned down a huge offer from another Saudi club to play with them.

Above is everything we know till now following Ronaldo retirement.

Source: ESPN