Overwatch 2: All Endorsement Level Rewards

In Overwatch 2, you’ll get higher endorsement levels and rewards as players hand them out to you. Endorsement levels in Overwatch 2 are a system that rewards positive behavior in the community. But what do endorsement levels do? Can they make you a better player? Or are they just there to stroke your ego?

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What are Endorsement Levels?

Endorsements are a system that rewards players for being positive members of the Overwatch community. So, for example, you can endorse other players after a match if they displayed good sportsmanship, were good teammates, or showed excellent leadership skills. And, in turn, other players can endorse you for the same reasons.

Endorsements are displayed as little icons next to your name, with the number indicating your endorsement level. The levels go from 1 to 5, but what are the rewards in each level?

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Overwatch 2: Endorsement Level Rewards

overwatch 2 endorsement level rewards
overwatch 2 endorsement level rewards

Endorsement levels don’t affect your gameplay. You won’t suddenly become a better player because you have a high endorsement level. However, having a high endorsement level can be a nice ego boost and show other players that you positively influence the community.

A high endorsement level can also give you a few perks. For example, players with high endorsement levels are less likely to be matched with toxic players, making for a more enjoyable gameplay experience. You also get bonus experience points for each endorsement you receive, which can help you level up faster.

How to get endorsements in Overwatch 2

Well, it’s pretty simple. Just be a good teammate. Communicate with your team, compliment other players when they do well, and don’t be toxic. It’s also important to note that endorsements are limited, so don’t just endorse every player. Instead, save them for the players who truly deserve them.