How to Obtain Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

If you’re wondering how you can get some legacy credits in Overwatch 2. Well then you’re on luck today, here we explained few methods that you can use to obtain legacy credits in OW2.

Completing Overwatch 1 Achievements

Players who own Overwatch 1 and complete certain achievements in that game may be able to earn legacy credits in Overwatch 2.

Purchasing the Game

It is possible that legacy credits may be included as a bonus for players who purchase Overwatch 2.

Trading in Duplicate Items

Like in Overwatch 1, it may be possible to obtain legacy credits by trading in duplicate items earned through loot boxes.

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Rewards for Progression

Overwatch 2 is expected to feature a new progression system, which may offer players legacy credits as a reward for reaching certain milestones.

It is important to note that these are only speculations, and the final method of obtaining legacy credits in Overwatch 2 may be different or include additional ways.

Once the game is released and more information is available, it will be possible to provide a more detailed and accurate explanation of how to obtain legacy credits in Overwatch 2.

Getting Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2

1. What are Legacy Credits?

Legacy Credits are a form of in-game currency in Overwatch 2 that can be used to unlock cosmetic items from the first game, Overwatch.

2. How to Earn Legacy Credits

There are two main ways to earn Legacy Credits in Overwatch 2:

Play the first game, Overwatch

Playing the original Overwatch game allows you to earn Legacy Credits that can be used in Overwatch 2. Players will receive 100 Legacy Credits for every standard loot box they would have earned after reaching level 25.

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Purchase Legacy Credits

Players can also purchase Legacy Credits directly from the in-game store. The cost of the Legacy Credits depends on the amount purchased. For example, 200 Legacy Credits can be purchased for $1.99 USD.

3. What can you use Legacy Credits for?

Legacy Credits can be used to purchase cosmetic items from the first game, Overwatch, that have been added to Overwatch 2. These items include skins, emotes, sprays, and voice lines.

4. Can you use Legacy Credits for anything else?

Currently, Legacy Credits can only be used to purchase cosmetic items in Overwatch 2. They cannot be used for any other in-game purchases or transactions.

5. How to use Legacy Credits

Once you have earned or purchased Legacy Credits, you can use them in the in-game store to purchase cosmetic items. Simply go to the “Hero Gallery” section and select the hero you want to customize. From there, you can browse through the available cosmetic items and purchase them with your Legacy Credits.

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Overall, Legacy Credits are a way for players to show off their achievements and progress from the original Overwatch game in Overwatch 2, by unlocking exclusive cosmetic items.

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