Fairy Type Pokemon Weakness Explained

The Fairy-type Pokemon are introduced in Gen. IV and appears of most of these Pokemon are cute but they are most powerful if you go counter fairy-type Pokemon in B attle then you should know their weakness. That helps you to defeat them in the battle here we featured their weakness and resistances that can be handy for you.

fairy type pokemon weakness
fairy type weakness

Fairy Type Pokemon Weaknesses

The fairy-type Pokemon are weak against Poison and Steel-type Pokemon moves so make sure to avoid fighting both these types of Pokemon with your Fairy type in Pokemon battle.

Weak Against The Poison Type Pokemon

Mainly Fairy type Pokemon are weak against the defensive type Pokemon such Posion. The Posion type Pokemon moves such as  Sludge Bomb, Poison Fang, and Sludge Wave are more effective over the Fiary type Pokemon.

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Weak Against The Steel Type Pokemon

Steel type Pokemon are also defensive in nature and before introducing of the Fairy type the Steel type moves are only effective against the Ice and Rock type Pokemon. One of the best thing about the Steel type Pokemon is its has 11 types of resistances means its was resists over 64 percent in the game.

Steel type moves like Gyro Ball, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Steel Wing and Metal Claw is more effective particularly against the fairy type moves.

This is end of the Fairy Type Weakness for similar content do read our Pokemon Guide.

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