Pokemon Unite Ranking System | Explained

Pokemon Unite is one of the popular MOBA games in this game you can play solo or multiplayer with up to 5 players. More importantly, the game also has a Rank Match mode that ranks players based on the win and losses in the match. Similar to other multiple games however each game has a different ranking system.

Here we featured a guide that covers all information about the Pokemon Unite Ranking System along with other useful information. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Pokemon Unite Ranking System
Pokemon Unite Ranking System

What is Rank Matches in Pokemon Unite

When you reach Trainer level 6 in Pokemon Unite then you unlock the Rank Match mode that players to play with other players. More importantly, make sure to have 79 fair points and at least 5 pokemon in your team to take part in the Rank Match mode.

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The Fair Points refer to the points that show your in-game reputation. For example, if you quit the match in the middle then you lose some fair points from your account or else if you idle. If you play games fairly you get positive points.

What is the Ranking System in Pokemon Unite

When you gain access to the Rank Match mode you also get access to the Ranking system that ranks your account according to your performance such as win and loss. More importantly, there are two major elements in the Pokemon Unite Ranking System and that are Ranks and Classes.

pokemon unite ranking system
image via Pokemon Unite

There are a total of 6 ranks in the Pokemon Unite that follows Beginner, Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra, and Master and each rank has some classes within which the player needs to level to go to the next rank and at last reach the top rank called Master.

Below we explain the Pokemon Unite Ranking System with classes and the number of points you need to get to level the class.

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RanksClasses Points To Rank Up
Beginner3You need 9 points to level to the next rank
Great4You need 12 points to level to the next rank
Expert, Great, & Veteran5You need 15 points to level to the next rank
MasterNo ClassNo Points Just Ranking

In simple words, if you start the Rank Match from the Beginner rank then there are 3 classes that you need to reach one by one and for that, you need to get 9 points. You can get the points to level the classes by your performance means if you win more and lose a few matches in the Pokemon Unite then you level your classes more quickly.

Once you reach Master rank there are no class or ranking points available. Basically, the Master rank has a different ranking system where players get ranked according to the number of winning points that are owned.

This is to sum up for the Pokemon Unite ranking guide for more helpful content do read our Pokemon guides.

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