Fire Type Pokemon Weakness | Explained

To become the best trainer you need to know all Pokemon type’s strengths and weaknesses. In the early stage of the game if you choose the fire-type Pokemon as your partner then you might inhibit by the water-type Pokemon partner.

There are Pokemon series is filled with lots of fire types Pokemons that you can catch or get from the Pokemon lab.

Most of the fire type of Pokemon is preferably by the gym leaders, Elite Four members and top tire players. So it’s important to know the fire-type Pokemon strengths and weaknesses that help you to counter these Pokemon in battle.

Fire Type Weakness
weakness of fire type pokemon

Fire Type Pokemon Weakness

The Fire-Type Pokemon is weak against Ground, Water, Rock and Dargon type Pokemon.

Weak Against Rock Type Pokemon

The Rock-type Pokemon is fast compared to the Fire Type Pokemon such as Charizard vs Gigalith. The rock-type moves like Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and Rock Tomb are more rapid and snuff the fire type.

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Weak Against Ground Type Pokemon

If you not using Fire-type Pokemon with Flying abilities then Ground-type Pokemon moves are also quicker and smoother compare to fire-type. Because Ground-type has powerful movesets like Earthquake and Earth Power and these Pokemon do not take reduced damage from Fire-type moves similar to rock and water-type Pokemon.

Weak Against Water Type Pokemon

As we all know fire and water are the opposite and Water type Pokemon has more advantage over Fire-type attacks. The Water type pokemon has power moves like  Surf, Hydro Pump, and Brine. That can easily counter the Fire-type moves.

Weak Against Dragon Type Pokemon

The dragon type is not much effective against the Fire-type Pokemon However they can take half the damage from the fire-type attacks. Mainly you can use dragon type against the fire type Pokemon when you need to defend.

This is the end of the Fire Type weakness guide for similar content such as what is Pokemon Unite Ranking System and more do check our Pokemon Guide.

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