All Minecraft Villager Trading Jobs? Explained

Here we have explained all Minecraft Villager Trading jobs with complete information.

Villagers in Minecraft have all sorts of jobs, all offering something unique that is unlike any other. Villagers are a crucial part of the Minecraft gaming experience you can make deals with them by hiring them, and giving them jobs using various Job Blocks.

Each villager will have a Job Site Block that signifies what role they play within a village in Minecraft. Each Villager will barter for various items depending on their particular job title.

As villagers are working, you may be able to trade with them in order to obtain certain items depending on their job title. Let us look at the types of trading jobs that you can do with the various types of villagers, in this article.

How Do Villagers Get their Jobs in Minecraft?

Villagers in Minecraft can do a variety of tasks, but their jobs will dictate what they are allowed to do. There are 15 jobs available in Minecraft that any villager who is out of work can take.If the villager is jobless and has not made any trades, the job will be accepted.

If you wish for a specific job, the Job Block that matches your desired job must be placed near an Unemployed Villager. If you want to provide a villager with a certain career, you will have to first obtain the certain job block.

With a large number of Villager jobs, there are now in Minecraft, all of them come out with specific pieces of clothing which players will be able to notice in order to notice what jobs they have, should they be unable to see the job blocks of the location where their jobs are located.

villager trading
villager trading

List of All Minecraft Villager Trading Jobs

Here is the list of all the Minecraft Village Trading jobs with complete information.

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Going by alphabetical order, the first job Villagers can hold is the position of Armorer. A person who deals in exchanging armour is known as an armoured.

The blast furnace that is the focus of this villager’s job in Minecraft is used to melt ore. You can exchange it for a bell, a shield, and pieces of armour. Not to mention, an expert-level armourer can provide you with armour made of enchanted diamonds.


To provide the Butcher job to a Villager, you need to put a Butcher Stand for a Jobless Villager to interact with. Cooked beef and stewed rabbit are provided by the butcher.

Sometimes, it even gives away 8 cooked pieces of chicken for a single emerald. The game’s most dependable source of nourishment is the butcher. The smoker is a butcher’s essential tool. This table can be used to cook meat in the game more quickly than a typical furnace.


To begin, you can order empty banners, frames, and maps from them. But that’s not all. Cartographers also offer explorer maps for the sea and the forest. The specialized maps can be used to locate underwater monuments, houses in the woods, and hidden wealth throughout the game.

A cartography table serves as the task site or utility block for this project. In the game, it is mostly used to make maps.


The Cleric Job is attached to a Brewing Stand, you just have to put a brewing stand next to the jobless villagers. Of all of Minecraft’s villager jobs, trading with the Clerics often nets you the coolest items.

Even if you cannot find any clerics in your village, you can easily give a villager this job by creating a Brew Stand in Minecraft. The clerics can sell you Redstone dust, lapis lazuli, glow stone, under eye, and even the Bottle of Enchanting.


You cannot discuss Villagers, or Villager jobs in Minecraft, without touching on Farmers. To make a Villager into a Farmer, you will need to get the jobless Villager to take a Job with the Farmer. They typically spawn close to a composter, which is excellent for making game-friendly bonemeal.

They are the most prevalent and well-liked villager varieties in the game. This means that at lesser levels, you can trade stew, bread, pies, apples, and cookies. Meanwhile, skilled farmers provide gleaming melon slices and bright carrots. Farmers supply some of the best Minecraft potions with ingredients as well as high-level food items.

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The fisherman profession is linked to a barrel, simply put one down next to an unemployed villager, they will become a fisherman. Once Villagers in Minecraft get enough experience, the Minecraft Fisherman will hand out Emeralds to any player that gives those boats.

The lowly Villagers of Minecraft may fall in love, have children, have jobs, and may be traded with by players. They provide prepared salmon, cooked cod, and a bucket of cod when it comes to fish. Also available from them are a campfire and an enchanted fishing rod.


One of the less well-known villager jobs in Minecraft is fletcher. However, if you aim well, they could be your greatest strength. Low-level fletchers can sell you arrows, flint, bows, and crossbows.

Upper-level fletchers offer magically enhanced bows, crossbows, and even tipped arrows. Unfortunately, their job site block is just a fletching table and has no further purpose.


Today, leatherworkers are not as valued as they once were in earlier iterations of the popular video game Minecraft. The only thing you can obtain from them that is useful is a horse saddle, and even then, you can only get that from a master-level leatherworker.

But their construction site block is a cauldron, and it’s very helpful. A cauldron can be used to hold snow, lava, or liquid. You can even store coloured water and potions if you’re using the Bedrock edition.


They are among the simplest methods in the game for obtaining enchanted books. Additionally, you may purchase name tags, clocks, compasses, glass blocks, bookshelves, lanterns, and lanterns from them. The lectern on their construction site is solely helpful in multiplayer mode. You can put books on it so that numerous players can read them simultaneously.

Mason or Stone Mason

In Minecraft’s Java edition, this occupation is known as mason, while in its Bedrock edition, it is known as stonemason. A mason’s responsibility is to supply different kinds of stones. At lower levels, you can trade for various kinds of bricks, polished stone block varieties, and dripstone blocks.

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Nitwits are useless in Minecraft. Nitwits are not allowed to trade or even be given jobs. They should not be confused with the villager unemployed you can give a job to. Nitwits were simply added by the game’s creators as a helpful reminder of the visual appeal that many people place on the Minecraft universe.


One of the few non-survival-focused jobs available to Minecraft villager characters is that of a shepherd. Most of the things they sell are ornaments, like carpets, colourful wool, flags, and paintings.

But you can also purchase beds and shears from them. The majority of players typically visit Shepherd just for the artwork. The shepherd’s job site is considerably more interesting than the actual work.


A pickaxe, an axe, a shovel, and a hoe are just a few of the in-game tools that you can trade for with Toolsmiths. Even magical tools are available at higher trading levels. Additionally, toolsmiths occasionally include bells in their trade offers. The strongest tools in Minecraft may be made by upgrading diamond tools to nephrite tools using the smithing table.


Villagers without jobs are essentially idiots until you give them a job. Till they discover a job site block, which you can choose to create and place in front of them, all newborn villagers develop into unemployed villagers and stay the same until they do.

A villager who is employed will become unemployed if a construction site block is broken. However, you can switch a villager’s job by employing this method.


Weaponsmith chests in Minecraft are even more useful for speed runs than their exchanges. These boxes contain iron, weapons, and obsidian. Swords and axes with and without enchantments are available for trade.

They can also provide you with a bell if you require one. Additionally, you can repair equipment and weapons using their grindstone. In addition, it is the best tool in Minecraft for dispelling enchantments.

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