8 Best Faction Servers Minecraft (2024)

These are some of the best faction servers in Minecraft that you can enjoy. Minecraft is a platform that serves different atmospheres for different types of players. They also provide a variety of features and updates for different players.

Minecraft faction has also proven its dedication towards providing the best servers to its players and also has the most played multi-player modes in its video games.

Faction servers will vary somewhat as far as ongoing interaction with each other. Nonetheless, the general reason is to such an extent that players generate inside an immense PvP-empowered world in which players structure their own gatherings called “Factions.”

On numerous faction servers, it’s feasible for players to utilize TNT cannons to help assault, plunder, and plunder bases possessed by different groups to enhance themselves.

Playing with the faction module is an incredible method for encountering Minecraft servers. You can make a group or a multitude of players who share a similar reason as you. Construct, ranch, and make a wonderful realm inside the server. You can grow your gatherings and attack different groups as well.

It’s a PVP or fights royale as well as an enormous scope of overseeing players to make a supported endurance world where every individual is given the undertaking to grow a little town into a prospering town or collaborate to steal from other players’ assets.

Contribute your significant investment together and construct wonderful groups. Likewise, guard your assets against different factions since there will be insatiable gatherings that develop their domain by attacking different towns and towns.

best faction servers minecraft
best faction servers minecraft

Best Minecraft Faction Servers

You can choose the server according to your requirement for Minecraft. Players can also hear lots of different stories about different types of fighting between factions when players can steal each other’s stuff or kill any other player of another faction.


URL – hypixel.net

One of the biggest group servers in Minecraft with every one of the essential gatherings adding to various regions, for example, assemble fight, sky wars, bed wars, duels, and some more.

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Collaborate with companions and go on an amazing excursion to assume control over the sky in sky wars or battle with adversaries overall in form fight.

The server likewise has an exchanging business component on the off chance that one is keen on being a trader in Hypixel. There are many small games and in excess of 1,000,000 accommodating Minecraft players so you will have no issue getting and getting everything rolling.

The best time part is the point at which you and your companions collaborate to overcome epic managers around the region of the server there are many supervisors that will keep you alert and aware. Other than supervisor battles, there are additional occasions when things enliven and you partake in different assignments.

Modify your stuff as there are many new and exceptional protections and weapons. It’s an enormous local area of Minecraft players on one server.



The server is best for players who need to get and begin with activity as there are server uniquely crafted groups where players can join and begin having a great time.

Not at all like different servers where you need to crush through the game with companions to get and create things, the MOXMC server will outfit you with prerequisites to start your fight.

This server is phenomenal for amateur Minecraft players as there are towns with veterans who invite new players and give them the information to play endurance-based PVP fights.

Mana Cube

URL – play.manacube.com

Mana 3D square has ceaselessly given top-quality administrations to date. The group server invites players who can make a faction and afterward take part in different exercises held by the server.

Mana’s solid shape additionally keeps the server new by presenting different new highlights in each update.

With its week-after-week occasions, games, and factions to help each other out, players can find networks that incorporate new individuals to help their family develop and rival others.

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You can likewise guarantee your territories on five distinct aspects where you can gather and mine every special asset tracked down in these aspects.


URL –  LifeStealMC.net

This group server is like being tossed into the universe of vigorously adjusted maps where you need to get by as well as a flourish to beat every one of the in-game supervisors. Track down secret mysteries, plunder, and fortunes in the LifeSteal group server. Essentially, it’s SMP with a modded map.

One thing you want to do quickly is to construct a group or join one more group on the grounds that long-term players with strong weapons and coverings will handily overcome your initial stage. Having a group will assist you with safeguarding your instruments and assets. They will likewise assist you with advancing through the game as you fight along their side.


URL – pvp.TheArchon.net

With countless missions, fights, land claims, and seasons, players will have their hours put resources into the immense and serious universe of Archon. One of the most amazing Factions with serious and forceful players who are sufficiently gifted to assemble and make supernatural things.

The justification for such a contest is a result of the genuine award cash granted by servers each season. The server likewise has different games and occasions where each triumphant group gets a monetary reward set inside the server.

The group server is renowned on account of its enchanted mod special from the game. As a dream server, the game keeps up with its wizardry with the Mana framework where each mysterious weapon, spell, and capacity rotates around the utilization and cost of Mana.

Pika Network

URL – pika-network.net

Welcome to Pika Network. Here you will track down cordial players, staff, and administrators who will assist you with presenting the Pika Network server. Very much like Mineland Network, Pika Network has various games inside.

Skyblock with endurance where you need to broaden your island, construct great houses and become the best player among the best. In upward, you can flaunt your sword as well as bow abilities and become the mightiest player.

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Jail server has RPG components where you can rank up by mining, work by guaranteeing plots and investigate another world when you arrive at the free position. And furthermore, check what different players have constructed.

In all server game modes, you will see builts that go way out of creative mind thanks to the server developers.

Jartex Network

URL- jartexnetwork.com

The organization has a lot of players on the web and you can track down cordial players to construct and go on experiences with.

There are new capacities, shield sets, weapons, elixirs, and a lot more with more improved interactivity mechanics that offset the game with powerful instruments and capacities.

Rivalry is high and some of the time it gets pretty disappointing when different players are purchasing wonderful stuff. In the event that you are here to not get serious but to unwind by building, creating, and cultivating then this group server probably won’t be for you.

However, to be the most elite. Making programmed homesteads and building machines then Jartex Network will furnish you with what you really want.

Purple Prison

Address – purpleprison.org

The most famous jail server with new characteristics and accomplishment modules. In spite of the fact that it’s called purple jail and the game is more centred around jail-based servers, its own mode machines and ongoing interaction is similar on every one of the servers including groups.

An interesting and best aspect concerning Purple Prison is its financial based administration. Everything is overseen from Auctions, exchanges, and exchanges of things. You can likewise switch off the PvP mode and essentially partake in the serene method of Minecraft.

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