Which Oinkologne is better in Pokemon Go: Male or Female?

Oinkologne is one of the new Paldeans that debuted in Season 12: Adventures Abound in Pokemon Go. It evolves from Lechonk after consuming 50 Candy and has two versions: Male and Female. Apart from distinct appearances, the two have different stats that differentiate their utility in Go Battle Leagues.

A Normal-type Pokemon, Oinkologne is weak to Fighting-type while resistant to Ghost-type moves. Both male and female variants possess the same moveset. The best moveset is Tackle (Normal) Fast Move with Body Slam (Normal) and Trialblaze (Grass) Charged Moves.

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Here is the answer to which Oinkologne is better in Pokemon Go.

Choose Female Oinkologne for better performance in Go Leagues

Despite possessing a low Combat Power compared to the male variant, female Oinkolgne has better Defense and Stamina. This makes it an ideal tank Pokemon, particularly an opener in Leagues, because its Normal-typing combined with bulk makes it difficult to counter. Body Slam requires low energy and hits most types.

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15/15/15 IV Female Oinkologne has the following stats when maxed out:-

  • Combat Power: 2819
  • Attack: 169
  • Defense: 162
  • HP: 251

A 15/15/15 IV Male Oinkologne has the following stats when maxed out:-

  • Max CP: 2949
  • Attack: 186
  • Defense: 153
  • Stamina: 242

Due to its access to Body Slam, Oinkologne is compared to Galarian Ponyta and Dubwool for its rapid ability to generate the Charged Move. Although it is slower compared to the other two, it has a higher CP and Defense than them. Use it based on your preference.

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