All New Reported Debuts For Pokemon Go Season 12: Paldea

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Speculated to be titled ‘Adventures Abound’, Pokemon Go Season 12 is confirmed to venture into the world of Paldea. Over 10 new Pokdex entries belonging to creatures popularised by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet could be seen in the AR-based game. The introduction of Generation 9 is expected to have massive implications in Go Leagues which … Read more

Analysing Koraidon and Miraidon’s debut in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Koraidon and Miraidon

Koraidon and Miraidon are reportedly set to make their Pokemon Go debut in the next season. The two legendaries that got introduced in Scarlet & Violet this year are expected to be the highlight of Pokemon Go Season 12, which is rumored to be titled ‘Adventures Abound’, and is going to focus on Paldean-region Pokemon. … Read more

Pokemon Go New Season Leaks (September – December 2023)

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The Season of Hidden Gems is coming to an end and data leakers have already given spoilers for the Pokemon Go new season starting from September 2023. While the highlight of the fall will be the introduction of Paldean Pokemon, certain events have been leaked by insiders for each month until November. The name of … Read more