Animal Crossing How to Avoid Bees

While Animal Crossing is largely a pleasant experience, there are a few “dangerous” bugs to be aware of when playing. A bee is one of those bugs that might spawn at random when you contact trees, either by shaking them or smashing them with an axe.

If a bee stings your character, your eye will swell, and you can treat it with medication. However, if you get stung a second time before taking treatment, you will pass out and be sent to your in-game residence!

We’re here to give a short guide that will assist you avoid being stung by bees when out collecting sticks. Before we begin, bear in mind that if you hit a tree with an axe, this strategy will not work.

In that situation, you must flee and try to enter a building as swiftly as possible. To shake trees securely and prevent being stung, first draw out your net. Then, instead of standing to the left or right of a tree, approach it from the middle of its trunk. 

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If you shake a tree from this vantage point and a bees arrives, your character will turn to confront it. When this happens, rapidly press “A” to activate your net and trap the bees before it can chase or sting you!

When you shake trees in this manner, you will not only escape being stung, but you will also gather bees that may be sold for additional Bells (remember to contribute one as well)!

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How do you cure bee stings in Animal Crossing 

However, if you’ve shaken a bees nest out of a tree and been stung, don’t panic. The unattractive stings have no effect on gameplay, but villagers will comment on your face before other conversation subjects become accessible, so it’s good mending yourself up.

Sleeping it off is one approach to get rid of a sting. Simply save your game and return the next day to see your face has recovered nicely. Still, if you want to rapidly heal bees stings in Animal Crossing, you’ll require Medicine.

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That’s how to avoid bees in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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