Animal Crossing How To Find Brewster

One of the major new features in Animal Crossing is the free patch called Roost, a cafe run by series mainstay Brewster. Before you can unlock it, you need to help Blathers, the museum curator, track Brewster down and convince him to run the cafe. Lucky for you, the task is very straightforward, but it’ll take a little time to complete. 

How to find Brewster in Animal Crossing

Here’s how to unlock Brewster’s cafe in Animal Crossing without having much hassle.

Speak to Blathers

The first thing you should do when you load up the game is head to your island’s museum and speak to Blathers. The owl will tell you he’s been contemplating about opening a cafe but he needs help tracking down his old friend Brewster to run it.

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Speak to Kapp’n at the pier

Following your conversation with Blathers, proceed to your island’s pier to see Kapp’n. Kapp’n conducts a boat trip that will take you to unexplored islands that you won’t be able to access on the conventional Nook Miles island tour, and he’s the key to finding Brewster. If you take a tour, you will be brought to a small island.

Keep in mind that Kapp’n can only take you on one island tour each day, so you’ll need to talk with Blathers first if you want to open Brewster’s café soon. If you go on one of Kapp’n’s tours before agreeing to assist Blathers find Brewster, you’ll have to wait until the next day to find him.

Find Brewster on the island

Explore the island and you’ll eventually come across the mysterious Brewster. Speak to him and tell him Blathers sent you, and he’ll instruct you to carry a message to the owl. He’ll also offer you a gyroid fragment, which you may plant and water on your island to grow into a gyroid.

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Return to Blathers

After conversing with Brewster, inform Kapp’n that you wish to return to shore. Return to the museum and talk with Blathers again to deliver Brewster’s reaction. Blathers will inform you that he has to get the museum ready for Brewster’s arrival. The museum will thereafter be closed for renovations for the entire next day, and it will return the following day with the cafe on the second level open.

That’s how to find Brewster in Animal Crossing as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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