Baldur’s Gate 3 How To Get House of Hope

The House of Hope holds valuable items, with the most crucial being the Orphic Hammer. This hammer can be used to free Hope, for whom the house is named, and potentially even the Githyanki prince Orpheus if you choose to betray the Emperor. Additionally, if you find yourself entangled in a contract with Raphael, you can locate and destroy it here to break free.

However, gaining entry to the House of Hope can come at a steep price. Let us guide you on how to access this place.

To find the portal leading to the House of Hope, make your way to a shop called Devil’s Fee, situated just north of the Lower City Wall waypoint in Baldur’s Gate. Inside the shop, you’ll encounter Helski, whom you’ll need in a moment. For now, head upstairs to the second floor, where you’ll come across a large seven-pointed star drawn in blood on the floor. This is your entry point.

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To open the portal to the House of Hope, you’ll require five specific items

  1. A skull
  2. A diamond
  3. Incense
  4. A coin of Mammon
  5. An Infernal Marble

You have a few options here. Helski is willing to sell you all these items, but at an exorbitant price of 20,000 gold. Even haggling it down to 10,000 gold is quite expensive. However, nothing prevents you from pickpocketing your gold back after paying her.

Alternatively, you can find all the necessary components hidden in chests on the second floor. This might require good lockpicking skills. But if you’re not skilled in lockpicking, focus on acquiring the Infernal Marble from the main chest on the second floor. You can then offer to trade it to Helski in exchange for the other required ingredients.

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Once you have all five items, place them in the correct spots in the following order

  1. The skull goes at the top, just below the arrow.
  2. The coin is placed on the point of the star next to the skull, moving clockwise.
  3. The diamond is positioned on the point two spots clockwise from the coin.
  4. The incense goes one point clockwise from the diamond.
  5. Finally, the Infernal Marble is placed in the center of the star.

Once you’ve correctly arranged these items, the portal will open, and you can step through. Exercise caution, though, as the House of Hope is a challenging area. You may need to face one of the game’s toughest bosses before you can leave. It’s advisable to rest up before venturing inside.

This is end of this guide for more similar guides do check our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides section. Hopefully you find this guide helpful to know all about BG3 House of Hope.

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