Apex Stalker Location Forbidden West: How to Find

Looking for the Apex Stalker and its related information? Well, in this article, we will provide you with locations in Horizon Forbidden West where ApexStalker is found and will also tell you how to fight with it.

Like any other machines in Horizon Forbidden West, Apex Stalker drops precious items that will aid you during your journey. Therefore, aside from what is Apex Stalker, where to find Apex Stalker, we’ll also tell you that what rewards they may drop in Horizon Forbidden West.

Who is Apex Stalker in Horizon Forbidden West?

Apex Stalker is one of the enemies that you may face in Horizon Forbidden West. They are the bounty hunters who are suspected to be the killers of the party members. Players try to find out his identity by going through his memories and gathering evidence.

You may face these brutal enemies in Horizon Forbidden West, who drop tons of rewards. They are helpful in getting the Apex Stalker Heart and you will occasionally receive these Stalker Hearts, which is one of the more valuable items in the game.

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The value of an apex Stalker Heart comes from the fact that these hearts can be used to power up abilities and weapons you have in Horizon Forbidden West.

The game has many different paths that players can take to help gather information. For example, in one scene there are three sets of instructions for players to follow.

The first instruction tells them to leave without searching for evidence, the second instructs them to find evidence and use it against Apex Stalker, and the third option instructs players not to look for any evidence so that they can search for it later when they have more information about where it might be hidden.

apex stalker location forbidden west

What is the Location of Apex Stalker?

There are several different body parts on the Stalker, but each will drop different loot and do varying amounts of damage to machines if attacked by players.The stalker is found hiding in trees, cloaked, within the thick jungles of Horizons Forbidden West.

You have to find Apex Stalker in the Lowland’s Path. On the in-built map of the game, it’s under The Memorial Grove.

When you locate Lowland’s Path, you should check below that location on the map to see a little area, clear of any vegetation. You may find the Apex Stalker in this huge area. The Stalker can stealth through plain sight, becoming invisible for short periods.

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Not only is this creature tough to knock out once you see it, but it can also activate its cloaking mechanism, making it hard to detect, much less land a blow.

The stalker bursts up very quickly, making it difficult to watch what is happening, but a useful time-lapse video shows one of Horizons Forbidden West’s players accurately targeting a machine’s proximity mines as it is being deployed.

You may try using weapons such as Bows throughout Horizon Forbidden West to enable you to set off a mine on land next to the Apex Stalker in order to inflict damage on it.

Apex machines will have some slightly different loot to obtain, an example being the Apex hearts. Getting Apex machines to appear can be difficult since Horizon Forbidden Wests relies on a decent bit of RNG for the machines and the chances to loot.

If a spawned machine is not an Apex variation, players must defeat a regular machine before the Apex variation can spawn in its place. It certainly seems like there is a higher likelihood that as more and more of the same machine are scouted, an Apex variant replaces the regular one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where can I find stalkers horizon?

You can find stalkers alone or in small groups. The majority of them are stationed in jungle places, like The Jewel or the Rain trace, where the lush vegetation reduces their visibility to people because they are designed primarily for ambush strikes.

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Where is the stalker stealth generator?

In Horizon Forbidden West, Stalker Stealth Generator is a legendary resource. It can only be taken from stalkers, and before the machine can be destroyed, it must be pulled off using tear damage. It can also be purchased from a few Hunters or from Danur, one of Keruf’s salvagers.

How do you beat forbidden West in Stalker horizon?

Aloy is frequently the victim of surprise ambushes by stalkers who descend upon her and deal devastating melee blows. Utilizing arrows to explode the potent bombs they disperse around the battlefield is the most effective technique to defeat them.

Can you buy Apex hearts?

It’s recommended to hold onto Apex Hearts unless you absolutely need the Metal Shards, despite the fact that the game states that they should only be sold to merchants.

Where are apex stalkers located?

An Apex Stalker is one of the most lethal and potent machines you’ll come across in Horizon Forbidden West. The adversary will ambush you from cover because they are stealth-oriented. You can only get to the jungles where they are located after navigating the mountains in the “The Dying Lands” objective.

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