Does Split Map Remove from Valorant? But Why

Split Map is removed from the Valorant? The Valorant is a game developed by developer Red Storm and published by THQ. The game is centred around the story of a group of heroes fighting for their freedom against an evil empire.

This approach was chosen because that was lacking in previous titles that other developers had made before, so it would be easier to get players’ attention with Valorant than with other games with graphical limitations.

With Riot doing their due diligence on Riot and talking with esports organizations, Split makes the most sense, but players are wondering if the Split Valorant Map has been removed from Valorant. In this article, we’ll tell you the reality of the Split Map getting removed from Valorant.

Has Split Map been removed from Valorant?

Riot plans on keeping the competitive map pool to a total of seven maps, with plans for the VALORANT Split being removed from active play. The Split will also be removed from rotation competitively and traditional matchmaking, as the developers believe that Valorant benefiting from the seven-map pool max is healthier.

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The Split will also leave VALORANTs Pro Circuit map pool following the final Champions Chance qualifier, held in August. Pro games will also use Split after August after the Last Chance Qualifiers for Valorant Champions have concluded. Players have to say goodbye to Splits maps because starting on June 22.

split map

Splits will temporarily disappear from Valorant’s competitive and non-ranked queues. With the arrival of the new map Pearl in the Valorant Patch 5.0, Split will make its way out of the Valorant competitive and unrated queues. The team considered keeping Valorant’s map Split on the non-ranked map queue but decided it made more sense to maintain parity across all the map pools.

With new maps dropping with Patch 5.0, Riot had a hard choice of which Valorant maps needed to be moved to and Split, and after all of the adjustments made for the Split throughout the years, it was this Map.

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Which Map will be added in Place of Split?

The removal would clear a path for the new Pearl map that would replace the splits from Valorant’s main game mode. Riot Games has shared the Patch Notes for Episode 1 of Valorant, bringing a new map called Pearl and taking the existing Split Map off the rotation. The new Map called Pearl is taking over from the existing Split Map.

Valorant Patch 5.0 officially brings in the new Episode for Valorant, a new map called Pearl, a new battle pass, and a prelude to a chaotic set of cosmetics. As many fans know, Episode 5, Act 1, is coming in the upcoming patch. Like most new map releases, Pearl will get its dedicated unrated queue for two weeks before Riot Games officially puts Pearl into the VALORANT map rotation.

Instead, a new map called Pearl will be playable on a Pearl-only queue for two more weeks, allowing players to familiarize themselves with its layout before being forced to play in it competitively. The new underwater Map will first be tested on an unranked solo queue, moving into the competitive bracket after two weeks of open play.

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With Episode 5s Act 2 starting soon and a new map, Pearl, coming out, Riot has decided that there is such a thing as too many maps at one time, and as a result, Riot is taking the Split down the road. With the new map Pearl scheduled for a July 2022 release, Riot confirmed Pearl would, sadly, mean that the other one is being removed.

The VALORANT map design team also considered Pearl’s strategic value and variance, which led to a decision to drop the VALORANT Split.

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