Hogwarts Legacy: How To Climb The Battlements

Climb The Battlements Hogwarts Legacy

During the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must head to Falbarton Castle, northeast of Hogsmeade. Once at the castle, you must climb its battlements to retrieve crucial information that could potentially reveal the inner workings of Harlow and Rockwood’s crooked dealings. That should be a simple and entertaining task, and it would be … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy: Death Eater Robe How To Get

Hogwarts Legacy Death Eater Robe

Hogwarts Legacy is the latest installment of games set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter(written by J. K. Rowling). The game features a wide variety of captivating activities, challenges, and events that allows players to truly immerse themselves and role as budding wizards and witches attending the Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. One … Read more