Hogwarts Legacy: How To Climb The Battlements

During the High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must head to Falbarton Castle, northeast of Hogsmeade.

Once at the castle, you must climb its battlements to retrieve crucial information that could potentially reveal the inner workings of Harlow and Rockwood’s crooked dealings. That should be a simple and entertaining task, and it would be if not for the tricky puzzle that you must get through before you can climb the castle battlements.

Do not fret; this article will show you how to solve the puzzle and scale the guide with minimal fuss.

Let’s dive in!

How To Climb The Battlements In Hogwarts Legacy

Climb the Battlements Hogwarts Legacy
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As you approach the gate, take a right into the gap in the short wall. Continue down the path to a wooden scaffold you can climb to reach a hole in the castle ramparts. From there, head left, and you’ll spot a closed gate.

To access the gate, cast the Depulso spell on the turbine located on the left side of the gate. You will need to cast the spell several times until the turbine is fully lifted, as each time you cast the spell, the turbine only goes up a little bit.

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Once you have successfully lifted the turbine, you must quickly cast the Accio spell on the pulley above the gate to keep it from shutting again( the pulley is high up; be sure to angle your camera, or you might not see it).

Grab the crate using Accio and move it to the wall, just ahead of where you climbed up a moment ago. Use Wingardium Leviosa magic by using the leviosa spell on the crate to have it hover in mid-air and climb up.

Take the doorway on your left and follow the path right until you see a highlighted breakable wall that way to enter the gatehouse.

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Cast a damage spell like Confringo to destroy it and reveal a crawl space leading to another crate. You can’t move it from here.

Follow the wooden walkway and go left around the tower until you spot a broken window. Cast Accio through the window to move the crate, clearing the way.

Enter into the Gatehouse in Hogwarts Legacy.png
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Backtrack and go through the crawl space into the room. Inside, you’ll find a mechanism to open the gate. Cast Depulso on the turbine on the left.

Natty will join you. After a short cutscene, head up the scaffold ahead of you and onto another ledge. Ahead of you is a crate in a doorway.

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Use Depulso to push it forward into a hole in the floor. Go right and down the stairs, then use Accio to move the crate between the broken stairs and the ledge. Go to where the stairs end and use Leviosa on the crate. Hop across to the ledge above.

From here, the route to the roof is straightforward, and other than a couple of locked doors, it shouldn’t prove too difficult.

This is all for how to claim up battlements in Hogwarts Legacy for more relevant user guides do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides section some of the are given below.

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