Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Get Rid of Enemy of Justice

The Enemy of Justice bug is busy frustrating players all around BG3. For some reason, this debuff condition usually appears after a character in the party has cleared out the goblin camp, particularly after killing one of the three goblin commanders. This generally happens after you’ve killed Princess Gut or Minthara in the camp. 

The issue with this bug is that it is extremely difficult to remove, and having the afflicted party member go about Emerald Grove, especially when looking for Halsin, will cause all of the tiefling and druid guards to attack on sight. This can make completing the first act very difficult. Here are a few fixes to the Enemy of Justice bug.

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How to get rid of the Enemy of Justice bug

Here’s how to fix the Enemy of Justice bug:

  • Kill Pandirna at Emerald Grove – You might have come across this tiefling who is paralyzed inside a warehouse. If she witnessed you lockpicking the door to the storage shed or stealing anything from the building, she alerts the guard and gives you the condition.
  • Head to Act 2 – If you’re close to starting Act 2 by going through the Underdark or heading over the mountain pass, you can simply continue onward with your journey and the condition will usually be removed in time.
  • Kill Priestess Gut in the main chamber – If you happened to kill Priestess Gut when she heads back to her sleeping quarters, that might have triggered this condition. Instead, try killing her in the main chamber instead.
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Regardless of which of these strategies you take, you will most likely need to rollback to a previous save before the goblin camp combat occurs.

One possibility for why this problem occurs, especially given Pandirna’s distance from the goblin camp, is that killing the goblin commanders ends the refugee quest. This would signify that the tieflings in Emerald Grove have been saved, allowing Pandirna to talk with the guards about any crimes you committed at the warehouse.

That’s how to get rid of enemy of justice bug in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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