Where To Get halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3

Halsin, a significant Druid in the world of Baldur’s Gate 3, plays a crucial role in the quest to address the tadpole. However, locating Halsin can be a challenging task. If you’re struggling to find him, this guide provides precise details on his location.

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Where to Find Halsin in Bladur’s Gate 3

Head to the Goblin Camp: Players searching for Halsin should make their way to the Goblin Camp. To get there, follow the road west from the Blighted Village, located southwest of the Emerald Grove. Then, head northward and cross the bridge at coordinates X:-106 Y:372.

Reach the Heavy Oak Doors: After crossing the bridge, continue northward until you reach the Heavy Oak Doors at coordinates X:-106 Y:454. The Shattered Sanctum lies just beyond these doors. Players will need to persuade the goblins inside to grant them access through the main interior door.

Find the Worg Pens: Proceed north within the Shattered Sanctum, and you’ll soon encounter True Soul Gut standing on a platform, with two flights of stairs to her east. Climb one of these flights of stairs and follow the path northeastward to a door at coordinates X:342, 31.

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Locate Halsin: Beyond this door lies the Worg Pens, where players can find Halsin in his bear form, trapped in a cell at coordinates X:400 Y:-28. To free Halsin, players can engage in dialogue to persuade the goblins harassing him to open the cell. Alternatively, they can choose to engage the goblins in combat and defeat them.

Once Halsin is liberated, players must make important decisions about their next steps. Depending on their choices, they can have Halsin join them in taking down the goblin leaders in Baldur’s Gate 3 to save the Druids’ Grove refugees or opt to confront Halsin directly if they prefer to see the Grove burn.

Please note that if a player clears the Goblin Camp and takes a Long Rest in Baldur’s Gate 3 before finding Halsin, he may not be in the indicated location. In such cases, players are advised to head to the Emerald Grove, where Halsin should be present.

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