Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Open the Concealed Hatch

When you start exploring The Hollow you will come across some of the side quests such as Find your Belongings or Investage the Beach. You can choose any one of the quests in order to get to the Concealed Hatch. Here we explain both the quests to find Concealed Hatch.

How To Get into The Concealed Hatch in BG3

Concealed Hatch Guide
How to get to Concealed Hatch in BG3 (Image via Larian Studios)

You can find the Concealed Hatch by completing either Investigate the Beach or Find Your Belongings quests. Here we explain both quests and how you can find the hatch

Complete Investigate the Beach To Get into the Concealed Hatch

The fourth and last objective of Investigate the Beach will lead you to the Tiefling hideout. You need to talk to the Doni and after the cutscene, you will see the Concealed Hatch.

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Investigate the Beach has 4 objects investigate the music, help the Tiefling boy, Talk to the boy, and locate Doni’s location at the demand of the Tiefling boy. Once you completed all three objects in the fourth last object you need to find the Doni boy in the Druid Grove and right beside the boy you will find the Concealed Hatch.

Note: It was recommended to complete the Save Arabella quest before both Investage the Beach or Find Your Belongings. For this, you need to talk to the Kagha that you can find at Emerald Grove at X:224 Y:527 coordinates at Sacred Pool. If you don’t want to complete the quest you can still get Conceal Hatch.

Concealed Hatch how to get
Complete Investigate the Beach to get to Concealed Hatch in BG3 (Image via Larian Studios)

Talk To Doni

When you talk to Doni you will get 4 dialogue options here are the correct answers of them.

  1. Are you all right?
  2. Hey, Thanks for showing me the door
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After completing the cutscene by answering Doni you can enter into the Concelad Hatch.

Complete Find Your Belongings To Get into the Concealed Hatch

You can also get into the Concealed Hatch in Baldur’s Gate 3 by completing the Find Your Belongings side quest. To start this quest you need to talk to the Mattis that you found in The Hallow at (X:248 Y:557) coordinates.

Talk To Doni

The Mattis will ask to find the Mol Office. For that, you need to talk to Doni a Tiefling child that you found at the west of Mattis near the shore.

Talk to Doni and choose the “turn around to see what has his attention” dialogue option. At the end of the cutscene, Doni will show you the Concealed Hatch and Doni will disappear.

Concealed Hatch BG3 Guide
Complete Find your Belongings to get to Concealed Hatch in BG3 (Image via Larian Studios)

Take a Long Rest and Talk To Doni Again

Now you need to talk long reset and then you will see Doni again. Talk to Doni again and choose to where he disappeared dialogue option will enable the Wisdom Check and at the end, it completes the Charisma Check and allows you to go through the Concealed Hatch and enter into the Tiefling Hideout.

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Have you gotten into the Concealed Hatch now to complete the Find your Belongings quest you need to talk to Mol whom you find in the Tiefling hideout. In the conversation choose these dialogue options to complete the quest.

  • thought you might need help with something
  • I’m shy of a few belongings

Now you can free to open the bag and retrieve your belongings into your inventory. This all for how to get to the Concealed Hatch in Baldur’s Gate 3 for more similar guides do check our Baldur’s Gate 3 guides section until then happy gaming.

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