Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Multiclass Guide

Multiclassing is just choosing more than one class for each character. For example, you can begin as an advance 1 Fighter and then opt to advance as a Warlock once you reach Level 2. The tradeoff here is that while a character can have a greater arsenal of abilities and spells, it comes at the cost of not being able to access higher-level skills and spells if just one class is chosen.

With a level 12 cap, players don’t have as much leeway to experiment as they would in a full D&D campaign, but it’s still plenty to be creative. The difficulty with multiclassing leveling is that the levels of the classes total up to 12. For instance, we set seven levels for Fighter and five levels for Warlock.

How To Multiclass In Baldur’s Gate 3

Multiclassing is only available to players on the Balanced or Tactician difficulty levels. Before selecting a new class, players must achieve Level 2. After clearing this low barrier to entrance, players should click the Add Class button in the top right of their Level Up window at the next level up. They can then select their supplementary class.

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It should be noted that you may only level up one class at a time. At Level 2, for example, we choose Warlock as our second class. We leveled up Fighter again at Level 3, giving our character a Level 2 Fighter/Level 1 Warlock. There are no actual constraints on when you may level up any class, but players should evaluate how their spells and skills will be useful when playing.

How To Modify Your Multiclass Build In BG3

It’s not an easy formula to figure out, and players must consider a variety of aspects, including how their character plays and other considerations such as party composition. Your friends have unique and strong combinations, but it will most likely take some trial and error to discover the correct balance.

So that’s how to multiclass in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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