Baldur’s Gate 3 House of Healing Location

The House of Healing in BG3 might sound like a nice place, but it’s actually a very scary and dangerous place. It’s controlled by a mean creature called a mind flayer and its helpers. They use the house to hurt people and put a spooky curse on them.

In this guide, we’ll explain what you can do in the House of Healing in BG3. Before you start, you really need to have a special magic spell called “Speak with the Dead.” It’s not just a suggestion; you must have it. While the House of Healing isn’t huge and doesn’t have tons of things to do, it does have one really tough boss fight.

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Where to Find the House of Healing in Baldur’s Gate 3

You’ll find the House of Healing north of Moonrise Tower and west of Mason’s Guild. You’ll probably go there early in Act 2. To know where it is on your map, go to the Last Light Inn and accept the “Wake up Art Cullagh” quest. Now, here are the things you can do in this creepy place:

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1. Save Arabella’s Parents: When you meet Arabella in the Shadow Cursed lands during Act 2, she’ll ask you to find her mom and dad. They went into the House of Healing. When you get inside the House of Healing in BG3, go to the infirmary (marked on your map) to find Sister Lidwin. Trick her into leaving, then talk to the dead bodies of two Tieflings, Komira and Locke (Arabella’s parents). Tell Arabella what happened to her parents so she can feel better. This kind act will make some of your friends like you more.

2. Wake Up Art Cullagh: In the Last Light Inn, you’ll meet Art Cullagh, who’s super important for saving the Grand Duke. He’s got this curse called the Shadow Curse, and you can only wake him up with a special thing called the Battered Lute. Malus Thorm took that lute from Art. To get it back, go down the stairs inside the House of Healing and find Malus Thorm in BG3. Beat him to get the lute, then take it to the Last Light Inn to wake up Art Cullagh.

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3. Defeat Malus Thorm in BG3 House of Healing: Malus Thorm is a really bad doctor who’s in charge of the House of Healing in BG3. But he’s not really a doctor; he’s a mind flayer who pretends to be one. He also makes his helpers do bad stuff. You can beat Malus Thorm in two ways: fighting him and his nurse helpers, or talking to him.

In a fight, it’s a good idea to beat the nurses first and then fight Malus Thorm. You can also talk to him and try to get him to hurt himself. But be careful; if you don’t say the right things, you’ll have to fight him anyway. After you beat him, you can help the patients and find out more about what Malus was up to.

So, these are the main things you can do in the House of Healing in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you finish these tasks, you’re free to explore and take anything you want from the place. When you’re done here, you can go to the Thorm Mausoleum.

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