Baldur’s Gate 3 How to Open Mind Flayer Pod

After passing through enough sphincters aboard the Nautiloid Ship, you’ll meet one of your first possible partners in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, you must first free her from the Mind Flayer Pod in which she is incarcerated. Rescuing Illithid’s hostage is a quick and easy method to grow your squad early in the game, giving you additional fighters in a combat.

How to Open the Mind Flayer Pod 

After your first battle on the Nautiloid, you will most likely come upon a hostage in a mind-flayer pod. Speaking with them reveals that they are Shadowheart and opens up a new Main Quest in your diary titled, Rescue the Illithid’s Captive.

Lae’zel will tell you to ignore her and walk on, but you may liberate Shadowheart. This mind-flayer pod will be empty for individuals who began the game as Shadowheart.

To begin, Shadowheart will instruct you to test the apparatus next to her pod. You won’t be able to use it until you obtain the Eldritch Rune. The Eldritch Rune may be discovered on a Dead Thrall to the east of the mind-flayer pod room, between a Cartilaginous Chest and a Slave Mind jar, at a short deadend.

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Search the Dead Thrall for gold, the Eldritch Rune, and perhaps a few more treasures. Return to Shadowheart using the rune. When you interact with the contraption, you should now be able to insert the rune. The dialogue option will look like this:

  • There’s a socket in the console, shaped like the rune you found. Insert It.

Shadowheart will be free and will join your party once the rune is installed. You may now utilize her as a friend, commanding her attacks and navigating her about the environment in the same way you would your main character. You may even assign her to another player if you’re playing co-op.

Opening the mind-flayer pod to liberate Shadowheart will very certainly be your first non-critical task in Baldur’s Gate 3. Take a time to release her since having another ally is always beneficial.

That’s how to open Mind Flayer Pod in Baldur’s Gate 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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