How to get Crimson Eye in Dawnlands?

Dawnlands players may find themselves stuck when it comes to obtaining Crimson Eye. It is one of the key items required to craft strong, green-colored gear, that helps in unlocking the second boss named Guya. The whole process is hectic but one might be able to get the item if prepared.

Crimson Eye can only be obtained after defeating a Goblin Thug. Specifically, those Goblin Thugs that reside in dungeons drop the rare item. Dungeons are found all over the map and are usually deep in the wild, surrounded by beasts and animals, such that one may have to fight his through to reach there.

How to find Crimson Eye in Dawnlands?

While playing in a single-player adventure, it is fairly easy to obtain a Crimson Eye. The map will direct you toward the lair of the monster once you start completing the forest village quests. Move to the dungeon and remember – most of the Goblin Thugs are situated on the left side upon entry.

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Multiplayer adventurers have a tough task ahead. Only one Crimson Eye is obtained from a Goblin Thug. Worse, the dungeon doesn’t reset, meaning you have to find a whole new area to collect the item. The underground places are scattered all across the map and may take hours to find one.

Fortunately, there is a trick to complete the mission. Even if a teammate of yours has obtained the item, you can log out of the game and then log in. The map directions are changed to the nearest dungeon available rather than the one that has been exhausted by your friend.

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