Bayonetta 3 Mode Arises As Less Attractive

In a brand-new teaser released on Wednesday, Nintendo said that Bayonetta 3, the gun-toting witch from Platinum Games’ hybrid handheld, would be arriving just in time for Halloween.

That’s not all, either. Many individuals claim that the new model made her less appealing because it allows users to hide characters’ bare bodies.

Also, in order to prevent a huge Homunculus from destroying the planet, the stiletto-clad Umbra Witch will be fighting with a “veritable coven” of other Bayonettas, according to the most recent video.

Additionally, players will be able to control Viola, an enigmatic witch-in-training who has absolutely no Devil May Cry vibes and unleash a barrage of sword combinations on the agents of chaos.

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What New Setting Makes Her Less Desirable?

After announcing its Nintendo Switch release date for its third title, Platinum Games announced that a “naive angel mode” had been introduced, posting on Twitter a video about exactly how that works. 

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The amount of nudity and attractive expression in Bayonetta 3 will remain unchanged even when Naive Angel mode is off. The new settings remove the nudity so one can still enjoy Bayonetta without worrying about embarrassing their Godly Aunt.

Cut scenes and gameplay sequences where our titular heroine strips off her clothes to conjure demons, or turns her hair into various lethal weapons, can now be covered with the new function.

This feature, dubbed the Naive Angel mode by Platinum Games, will feature fewer pores and less skin while our favorite Witch is conjoined with a demon. It remains to be seen just how far this mode would take the tone down for Bayonetta 3, but it is obviously substantive enough for Platinum Games to want to emphasize.

People who dislike Bayonetta 3s extra modes could totally overlook them, and enjoy the fact that Nintendo is still publishing games with an M rating on the system (as they have been doing for some time).

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With a little video that demonstrated how switching it on and off would add or subtract layers covering the exposed flesh of Bayonetta 3 and the other characters, Platinum Games separately tweeted this information. 

When is Bayonetta 3 Releasing Online?

On Wednesday, Nintendo’s announced via a new trailer Bayonetta 3 would be coming to the Switch on Oct. 28, giving Platinum Games a triumphant return just in time for Halloween.

Bayonetta 3 is coming later this year on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED, and when it does release, it will feature a mode to make the game slightly safer to play at work.

In a first for a Bayonetta game title, Bayonetta 3 launches on October 28th and will feature a new censor option. During Bayonetta 3 reveal release date, which is set for Oct. 28, both Nintendo and the games developers revealed a new censorship option.

In our third favorite antihero game, BDSM, Platinum Games has included a new Self-Censorship option, allowing us to disable the part in which Bayonetta shows off her skin while swirling around in her magic hair, as well as adding in extra clothes for the other characters in skimpier costumes.

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Alongside the game’s latest trailer debut, Platinum Games also took the time to address fans’ concerns about how vocal Western gaming media criticism for anything remotely attractive could impact Umbra Witches’ art direction, and to reveal Bayonetta 3s upcoming optional attractivly-charged “Naive Angel” mode.

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