Is Ready or Not Coming to Xbox, PS4, Switch

Unlike other tactical first-person shooter games, Ready or Not is one of the best similar to the games like SWAT 4, Escape from Tarkov and more. Ready or Note was introduced in December 2021 by VOID Interactive however it was initially released for only Windows PC for Steam Early Access only.

And console players are left behind. Since the release of Ready or Not console players have wanted to know when VOID Interactive is releasing Ready or Not for consoles including PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.

Here we covered all information that helps you to know about the Ready Or Not consoles release along with other useful information about the game.

ready or not game xbox

Is Ready or Not Coming To Xbox or PlayStation?

Until now the developer of Ready or Not, VOID Interactive does not release any statement about when it is Ready or Not will be available for the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. So we cannot confirm that there will be a console version of Ready or Not in future.

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However, VOID Interactive confirmed on their Twitter handle that Ready or Not will be available for consoles but not a release date or features.

As we also read the above tweet VOID Interactive currently working to make the Ready or Not PC version more advanced for PC players. So the console players have to wait until the developers start working on the Ready or Not console port.

At the present date, you can access the Ready or Not on the PC on Steam Early Access. May in future we can see the console version also as per the VOID interactive tweet.

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We will keep updating here if there is any new information about the Ready or Not console release for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. Make sure to bookmark this page to get the latest information about it.

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