Dark and Darker How to Get Skeleton Skin

To get the skeleton skin, all you have to do is go to your shop option and you’ll notice that you have your skeletons that you can choose and other little bits of bobs but you need adventure currency.

Adventure Currency is acquired through doing activities in the game like killing monsters, killing players, gaining loot but it only counts if you extract. So you will only go up in adventure currency if you extract with those goods. If you don’t then you’ll lose your adventure currency.

Skeleton Skin may be purchased in the lobby via the Shop tab. You’ll need to gather Adventure Coins to do so and it costs 2,250 Adventure Coins, while the Elite Skeleton Skin costs 5,000. You may also purchase The Blue Torch, which is worth 1,500 Adventure Coins, as well as various additional emotes.

How To Get Adventure Coins?

Players can obtain Adventure Coins by completing an extraction, which means successfully exiting the dungeon without dying. The prize is determined by your dungeon actions such as Killing Monsters, Looting Treasures, Shrines, and Portals. If you die in the game, you will also lose all of your treasure.

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To successfully exit or extract the dungeon, locate a blue gateway opened by Blue Headstone. However, be aware of the Red Portals, as they will lead you further into the dungeon, where you will face more powerful foes. You will lose your Adventure Coins and will have to work harder to obtain the Skeleton Skin in Dark and Darker.

dark and darker how to get skeleton skin
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Furthermore, only one person may pass through the Blue Portals at a time, leaving your buddy behind. Also, Blue and Red portals frequently occur near one other; double-check before entering one!

As a result, you must safely escape a dungeon with all of your stuff to obtain Adventure Coins and Skeleton Skin in Dark and Darker. That’s how to get skeleton skin as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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