Beast Battle Simulator: Ultimate Guide 2022

The Beast Battle Simulator is a physics-based battle game for the simulation the game is developed by DOG HOGGLER. This battle simulation game only supports the Windows platform until now. You can easily download it from the web and install it on your computer.

In this article, we are going to tell all about the beast simulator game and how you can play it to enjoy the gameplay without having a hassle.

What is Beast Battle Simulator?

Beast Battle Simulator is a simulation game that currently supports the Windows platform. In this game, you can simulator you’ve to win the battle between animals. Basically it’s a physics game.

The game features dinosaurs, guns, animals, humans, machine guns, laser guns and much more. You have to watch as the beast dismember each other in the battle for the gory.

Beast Battle Simulator
Beast Battle Simulator

The simulation of the game is outstanding the beast has to smash and knock out the other beast in a very dangerous way. Beast can even lose the limbs where they are bitten or hit while the battle.

Beast Battle Modes, Controls & Weapons:

There are different types of gamemode were available in beast battle simulator and we have descried some of them below.

1. Challenge Mode

In the challenge mode you have build a team of beast to complete the task given in the challenge. Mainly there are 60 challenge in the beast battle simulation game.

Challenge such as destroying the pyramids of crates, defeat the giant dinosaurs in beast soccer or face down the penguin king and much more. While playing this challenge you get amazing experience each challenge has its own gameplay.

2. Beast Soccer

In this mode, you’ve to play a soccer game just like the real soccer game on the soccer field. But here on this simulation game, you’re the beast and you’ve to compet against the beast.

Beast Soccer Game
Beast Soccer Game Simulation

Who plays better football: Brachiosaurus or Polar Bears?. Well you’ve to setup for team of beast and win the soccer game with help of your beast form.

3. Weapons

The beast simulator game also has weapons attachments feature in which you can attach weapons to the beast body to defeat your challenger. The weapons that you can add to the beast are includes machine guns, laser guns, bomb vest and flame thrower.

4. Sand Box

In the sand box mode you can customize the battle type its based on your imagination. With help of the sand box mode you can setup the custom battle of whatever beast you prefer to fight.

Moreover, you can also edit or change the values of the health and damage values of the beast to a new beast unit like super dog.

4. Controls

If you want to change the control during the battle you can easily do that. Just left-click on the simulation screen and it will take you to the control panel of the game.


System Requirements

These are the minimum system requirements that you need to play beast battle simulator game into your computer.

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 7 or next version
  • Memory (RAM): at least 4GB of RAM
  • Processor: 3GHz dual-core
  • DirectX: Version 9.0 or newer version
  • Graphics: Geforce 5
  • Storage Space: at least 4GB of storage

Features of Battle Beast Simulation Game:

These are the features you’ve able to get when you play battle beast game on your computer.

Weapons: There different types of weapons available for beast. You can easily custom the beast with weapons attachments and make it super power. The weapons attachments includes machine guns, flame thrower, laser guns etc.

Battle Units: There are 50+ different types of units to use in battle you can easily select any unit before playing the game or else you can also create your custom unit and also change the health and damage values of beast.

Sandbox: The game also has a sand box feature in which you can customize the beast according your imagitions.

Challenge Mode: You can play more then 60+ challenge in beast simulator.

Beast Controls: The user can also able to change or edit the gameplay controls through menu.


PC: Softonic / Android: Phone

Final Words:

The beast battle simulator an outstanding game for experience from animal fights with a few sports. You can easily download the game into your computer and configure the settings and start playing it.

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