Is Days Gone Coming To Xbox? Answered

Days Gone is an action-adventure and it’s based on a post-pandemic zombie story. It was released on PlayStation 4 in April 2019.

Days Gone is developed by bend studios and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Then in May 2021, it was released for window devices. Now Xbox console users are wandering days gone coming to Xbox.

Why Days Gone Noticed by Xbox Users?

The story begins with the post-pandemic effect where half of the humans turn into zombies. The main guy of days gone is Deacon St. John. He found out that his wife is not dead in all situations. She is alive in some place. The story starts with the quest to find his wife.

The Days Gone is a third-person perspective on this action adventure World. Where they can use various weapons like melee, firearms, and improvised weapons.

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The story has dead zombies and other enemies and creatures. That’s why the game is kind of famous among Xbox users. Because they all want to explore all these things in days gone in Xbox. So days gone coming to Xbox let’s find out.

Is days gone coming to the Xbox series?

We don’t know what rumours you heard on the internet. But Days Gone is officially not coming to Xbox. The Days Gone is a PlayStation exclusive game. There are many PlayStation-exclusive games on Xbox. But it takes years to release on the Xbox consoles.

As of now, there is no such announcement or news regarding days gone coming to Xbox. The days gone won’t be available on the Xbox consoles.

As of now, you can try days gone either PlayStation or Windows PC. But there is always a little window through which you can play Days Gone on Xbox. Let’s find out now

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How can I play Days Gone on Xbox?

The game is still not available for Xbox users and it’s only for PlayStation and Windows users. Although the PlayStation exclusive game days gone, it can be played on Xbox X through some tricks. All credits to Tom warre of The Verge, where in his stream he demonstrated about the days gone on Xbox X.

Days gone, PlayStation exclusive can be played on Xbox X through the Edge web browser. With the help of the gaming software, he demonstrated on live stream by playing days gone through the edge browser.

Officially currently days gone are not coming on Xbox consoles. Xbox users have to wait for days gone because it’s a PlayStation exclusive game yet it was released for Windows devices.

Xbox users can try it on Windows or PlayStation. However, Tom Warren demonstrated about days gone in the Xbox X series through an edge web browser.

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