Undertale Red Guide (2024)

The only way to find undertale red is through “getting lost in a way that no man thought was possible.” In an obscure Heart direction, she can be fought. ‘Red is part of undyne Royal Guards and cannot be met by traditional means.

To carry out the plan Asgore developed to break the Barrier, she wants to knock the player. She fears the player’s desire to make friends with the watchdogs and the player and their good relationships, and that she does all she can to stop them.


Apart from being part of the Royal Guard and being mates of the Canine Units, “Rude Baby Red” only a short storey is known (another nickname). She may also have had friendships with many other Royal Guard members. Undyne trained her, and Undyne says, “one reason or another the guard’s kinda the only family she has.” It probably means, at some point, Undyne fed Red and lost her family to Red in some way.


Red was the daughter of two monsters living in the original capital of the Monster, “Home” Red was a young man during the “Home” period. In a homeless house in the capital, Red was left alone, during the human assault, during the war and after the war, Red’s parents were killed and all evacuated the “Home” She was left alone and walked the capital to discover if anyone was there yet. But nobody came. Until one day, red sat at the “Home” corner, and Undyne saw her.

She was then taken in by Unyne and educated as a Member of the Royal Guard. She was also given a blade and taught how to use it. Red became more loyal to the Royal Guard as the years passed and the group appeared like itself. Never again did she want to go to “Home” She never wants to be single again. A few years later, the activities of Undertale began.

Undyne advised Red not to engage a human being and only seem to retrieve the SOUL of the human being after another monster had ruined it. Eventually, Red is met by Frisk, who discovers her while in the Heart by going off course. Red is then pushed into Frisk’s presence.

Undertale Red
Undertale Red

Main Story:

Neutral/Pacifist Route

Red fights men, but people refuse to harm or kill Red. Red is fighting people. Red then forces the human beings to battle against her. When her teacher watches what she is told: “Humans are the enemies of everyone’s hopes and dreams!” Andyne’s Red refuses to make friends and constantly struggles for the human being like her teacher.

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Red calms down and pulls out after her, and Red is persuaded that she ends this pointless battle. The human being leaves Red, and Red is usually permitted to think of the human being as an individual.

Genocide Route

Red fights the entire force of assaults by individuals and people, catching Red on her knife’s toughest swings, and refuse to crack it. Then Red figured out that he wasn’t human after a decisive blow. Her face-mask is broken and her true face is revealed.

She then proceeds to engage the human being in utter control. The two deceased Royal Guards still seem to be supporting Red during this battle, but finally, Red is being defeated and murdered. Flowey then appears and says it’s nice to have her back.



The red wore a Delta Rune shirt, a long curved hood cloak and a bow around her neck. Her eyes are going to smoke. Because of her mask, her face is not always seen. She has curly hair with one of the curls from below the skirt.

She uses knives, bombs, screws, and the assistance of the two kingly dead guards in the fighting. Colourful red sprites are also expected with either blonde or red hair.


Red hasana is upbeat and exciting, making it easy to get with the members of the Canine Team. However, she feels that something vital must be taken seriously, that she displays profound devotion towards both.

Undyne and Asgore, that she is obedient to the orders that she will stay herself without doubt well outside the human sphere; that she is angry in the reaction to flipping action.

While she is accused of having no hatred of mankind, her initial experiences with mankind are cold. Confident that man will be murdered by Asgore (if not earlier), Red is seriously reluctant to make friends with him at any point, even refusing to speak about “not lose someone else.”

However, as shown by the genocide trial, Red is relieved if the human person violently refuses his offer of mercies because it leaves them without complications, leaving only one will of their own will.

Cinnamon Bunnies and Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 love red, the latter very protective.


A few times in this way, the player has to play a joke. First, the protagonist’s acts confuse Red, and then she can only laugh. Then she says that if the protagonist takes war not seriously, then so it will be, and she will leave the game.

Afterwards the game will be over and the ‘Reset’ button will appear. The peculiar thing is that after some jokes, Sans’ voice will sometimes match the text.

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In Battle

Depending on the action taken, the process itself can be split into fighting in many respects.

True Pacifist Run

If a player does not want to battle Red, they must first talk with Red Three (or once if the player has fought with the Red and at the same time did not use the True Reset). She is upset that the player doesn’t fight quickly afterwards.

This is the beginning of the next move in the fight, where you don’t have to attack Red and try to survive. Red starts to get mad, why not take the leader a few days later, and goes on with a powerful assault that should destroy the soul of the leading character, but Red cannot finish. She’s kneeling down, and tells her player her shop.

Undyne says a few more details about Red to the player. The game will be over afterwards and there will be a “Reset” and a “True Reset” button.

On the way Red takes advantage of the following attacks:

Red battles her sword and causes a certain line harm (horizontal, vertical, horizontal).

Red is the result of a sabre blow (vertical and horizontal, or two diagonals).

Red can split the battlefield into many parts by using other attacks.

On the battlefield, there are one or more bombs after which the Red divides in many sections. The bomb can only cause damage in their area.

Lines cut through the box on the battlefield, and then Red slashes every thread.

Splits the battlefield and Red summons gears.


This route starts like a pacifist, but three times later the player will talk to Red and fight against it as long as the HP is at 0. Red says that before her death, the player decided to fight and that more attention had to be paid to the player. Afterwards, the game is over and the “Reset” button will appear.


This path is virtually the same as the True Pacifist, but it is important to strike after Red can be saved, resulting in her death. Red was shocked because she thought she was a friend of the protagonist. The game will be over after that and there will be a ‘Reset’ button.


The player must assault Red for a while. When her health scale is lowered to halfway, it determines that a player has done it for self-defence and will let them go. If you save her, The game is over and the “reset button” will appear.

Genocide Run

As soon as Red wants to save you, the player has to attack her, and then decides that the player just looks like a person. She has a mask on her face, a crack, and her true face is to be seen. Following this is a long row of assaults, with Fleece Delta’s two massive guards close Red.

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After the strike, the Red will sustain far less damage and contribute to attacks in this direction. In their “eye” colour, types of attack guards can be seen.

Delta Guardian

Orange attack — lasers coming from the Delta Runes, rotating around them. The rotation speed increases over time.

Blue Attack – Expanding circle appears with circular runes.

Red Attack –

In various directions, runes fly.

Purple Attack – Wide spheres of purple energy are shot off by runes.

Red can use her sword attacks as well and use the blows to divide the battlefield.

The custodians burst when Red’s HP is zero, but Red can stay alive and try to get the protagonist’s soul. You can end her with only one blow.

When Red finishes by saying “she could at least drew the player’s blood, and then that someone would kill the player and put an end to this nightmare.” if harm is done during the genocide trip.

If during the passage of genocide there is no harm to you, Red asks, “How could I be so useless?”

When the player quits before the game ends, Red finds that after the player returns the player left her to die.

The game ends after Red dies and a “Reset” button will be shown.


Small Red Slicing Hood: just your typical sword-wielding beast every day. Nothing exceptional.

“She’s surely strong, not just as strong as her other form, but still strong.

The full power of Red has only been achieved by means of the Route of Genocide. Can you revive it? … Maybe. The secretive strength of Red is one of the reasons why she is the most strong member of the Royal Guard.


The soul will be used instead of the Frisk Sprite, if the F Key is maintained at the start of the game. Spinning around its axis the sprite will fall down to the bottom of the panel and explode rather than smash the animation. “ya blew it” (and You failed ).

Taxiderby’s Undertale Red Fangame was first known as Red. Please read here the Red FAQ.

Red’s name derives from the fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” where a young girl walks through the forest and takes food to her sick grandma, who was dressed secretly like a big bad wolf.

Red was not originally built with a particular species in mind; but Taxiderby became so fond of the interpretation of the fan that she is a Doll possessed by a demon, that she finally made it canon. Taxidermy, along with her skins in the themes of different Undertale characters, has two versions of Red’s Canon colourings.