Best 5 Fortnite Players in 2024

Get ready for the FNCS Season with this guide on the best 5 Fortnite players in 2023. As Fortnite continues to dominate the world of esports, the competitive scene is constantly evolving, with new players rising to the top. With the arrival of Chapter 4 and the upcoming FNCS Season in 2023, it’s time to look at the best Fortnite players to watch. The game’s meta has shifted, and familiar names are making way for new contenders. 

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Best Fortnite Players in 2023

Best 5 Fortnite Best Players in 2023
fortnite best players

TAYSON: Hailing from Europe, Tayson has been making waves in the competitive Fortnite scene. Currently a part of Team Falcons, Tayson has recently claimed first place at the most recent FNCS Major for Chapter 4, showcasing his exceptional skills and securing his spot as one of the best Fortnite players.

MERSTACH: Merstach has consistently performed in Chapter 4, particularly as part of the prominent Duo. Alongside Tayson, they secured an early win in their region at a Major and earned a spot at the upcoming FNCS Invitational. Merstach’s previous successes in Chapter 3 with Malibuca also speak to his prowess as one of the Best 5 Fortnite Players in 2023.

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MALIBUCA: Malibuca may be a recent addition to the Fortnite competitive scene, but he has quickly made a name for himself as one of the rising stars. With wins at the Gamers8 LAN and high placements at FNCS Finals for Chapter 3, Malibuca has proven his skills and is currently part of a formidable team with Th0masHD, both of whom are among the best-placing players in Chapter 4.

TH0MASHD: Th0masHD has successfully run in Fortnite, particularly in Chapter 2. Despite a dip in placements during the switch to Duos, Th0masHD has regained its form in Chapter 4, partnering with Malibuca. With a second-place finish in the Europe region of Chapter 4’s first Major and consistent performances in FNCS Finals in teams with Trippernn and TaySon in Chapter 3, Th0masHD remains one of the Best 5 Fortnite Players in 2023.

COLD: As part of a Duo with Acorn, Cold has been making waves in North America East during Chapter 4. With a win at the first Major of the year and high placements in cash cups, Cold has risen to the top of the pack. Finishing second at the FNCS Invitational at the end of 2022’s tournaments, Cold’s impressive run showcases his potential as one of the best 5 Fortnite players in 2023.

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