Where To Get Omega Isotope in Warframe

Warframe has lots of resources that you need to obtain in order to progress further in the game. These resources obtain by purchasing, farming, completing certain in-game activities, special events and more. One of the resources known as the Omega Isotope was only been farm during the Fomorian Invasion event.

You can only get this resource from the planet named Balor Fomorian. More importantly, the planet has an active  Fomorian Sabotage mission only then you can obtain this resource in the Warframe. Here we cover a guide to getting Omega Isotope in Warframe without having much hassle.

How To Get Omega Isotope in Warframe? Explained

To get the Omega Isotope in Warframe you need to complete any mission available on the Balor Fomorian planet during the Fomorian Sabotage event and make sure it won’t be an Arch-wing mission.

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You can obtain Omega Isotope from dead mobs, Alerts, and Invasions missions. All these missions drop the Isotope resource during the Sabotage event.

The chances of getting the Omega Isotope is higher in the Defense mission that has lots of mobs to kill. You can also try Interception, and Survival missions to get more of this resource.

You can also increase the drop rate using the Pilfering Swarm with Hydroid, Desecrate on Nekros or the Pilfering Strangledome.

What is the use of Omega Isotope in Warframe?

omega isotope drop location

With the Omega Isotope resource, you can build up the rare gear called Fomorian Disruptor this gear is needed in the event for certain missions and in-game activities. You can craft this gear in your Foundry after obtaining the blueprint of the gear for 5,000 Credits from the market.

 Fomorian Disruptor warframe
  • 1250x Credits
  • 3500x Nano Spores
  • 300x Cryotic
  • 4x Omega Isotopes

After successfully crafting the Fomorian Disruptor you can use it on the Gear Wheel and go for the mission available in the Balor Fomorian planet. Yes, you need this gear in order to launch the mission on Balor planet.

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This is sum up for the guide to get Omega Isotope in warframe for more helpful content do check our Warframe guide section.