Best Build for Chou (2024)

For those who don’t know about the Chou character in Mobile Legends. Well, Chou is one of the strongest and toughest fighters, with a wide variety of skills like Knockback, Knock up, Blink and Effect.

His specialty is his crowd control but he is also more than capable of completely ruining his enemies in one shot using his skills. His versatile combos make enables you to use him both as an assassin and also a tank.

Due to his casting skill and abilities, he is usually considered to be a somewhat difficult character to play. In this article, we’ll dive deep into some of his spells, builds, emblems, and some additional tricks and tips to help you truly master Chou in battles.

best build for chou

Best Builds for Chou

Mobile Legends has a variety of builds for Chou. simply follow the enemy’s selection and then decide on your battlefield role. Concentrate on goods that provide Physical damage,  Physical Vamp or Sustain. Our first set of builds includes two attack components that will increase Chou’s primary damage output.

Build for Damage

Blade of Despair and Endless Battle are the two most important pieces of equipment for Chou. Physical Attack, +250 HP, +10 percent CDR, +5 percent movement speed, +10 percent more physical life-stealing ability and BoD gives Chou +65 Physical Attack, +250 HP, +10 percent CDR, +5 percent movement speed, +10 percent physical life-steal.

If no damage is received or dealt together within 5 seconds, the following item, that is the Blade of Heptaseas will assist chou in dealing with additional physical damage. Chou’s athletic lifespan will be enhanced by +1000HP thanks to Queen’s Wings. He will gain an additional life if he achieves immortality.

  • Blade of the Heptaseas
  • Warrior Boots
  • Queen’s Wings
  • Immortality
  • Blade of Despair
  • Endless Battle
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Stunner Tank Build

The Courage Mask boosts your team’s physical attack ability and speed in movement, while also assisting your carry in farming quicker during the early game. Antique Cuirass provides +920 HP, +54 Physical Armor, and +6 HP Regen to chou.

It will also lessen the brutal crackdown of an enemy hero by 10% if you are struck by one. Athena’s Shield protects you from foes’ magical attacks and gives you +900 HP. Queen’s Wings will provide Chou bodily lifestyle and +1000 HP once more. He will gain an additional life if he achieves immortality.

Mobile Legends Chou Gameplay Tips

If you’re playing Chou as a Combatant, play at the uppermost lane and complete the 1-2-2 rotation; if you’re playing Chou as a stunner Tank, go to the middle lane and kill the first wave of henchmen before assisting your carry with bosses.

We may divide it into three sections based on the gameplay. The best game strategy for the early, mid, and final hour for Chou is included in our guide. To get the most out of any hero, though, a player should have a thorough grasp of the map.

Early Game

Defeat the initial minion wave between the towers as a fighter on the upper lane. Then make your way to the middle and finish the Lithowander or Lizard.

Grab the small golden crab after 45 seconds. Raid the enemy bosses if your mid-lane is available, else return to your top lane and eliminate minions. Make Blade of Despair your first priority and attempt to escape death.

Mid Game    

Chou is currently in his primary phase during this phase. Don’t fuel adversaries and don’t spend your skill 2 as you would any other. When the enemy casts their Crowd Control talents, this skill 2 is the primary escape/CC negating ability. 

Crouch in the shrubs and observe the enemy’s movements. When you do have the chance, use your skill 1 to stun him, then push him back to your turret and turn it off. Being an  Offlaner, your primary responsibility is to boost the turret and assist your team in capturing the turret once two-thirds of the opposing characters have been killed.

Late Game

Chou shines brightest at this stage. If your HP is low, you can use bait to attract opponents. When they try to kidnap you, simply entice them to join your squad. Play as a cunning assassin in the alternative scenario.

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Use your spontaneous kicks to finish off the opponent team’s Assassin, MM, or Mage as they try to perform a split push. High and dry ability points will undoubtedly assist you in obtaining the knockout. To rescue your carry, use the third phase of your Skill 1 on the group of opponents.


In Mobile Legends, Chou has the usual four-skill combo set; three actives and one passive. Let’s now take a closer look at the different skills he is able to use.

Passive-Only Fast

Did you that one of Chou’s simplest attacks can leave damage of 180% and even stop the velocity of the opponent by 80% after moving for some distance? Although this basic attack cannot critically damage the opponent it sure is a wonderful skill to have. When passive-only fast is used you’ll be able to see his hands glowing.


Jeet Kune Do (CC, AoE)

This one skill comprises three different phases (punch). The first two phases cause severe damage to the opponent and the last one gives a massive blow and finishes the enemy. Each punch sustains the following amount of damage:

  • Phase 1 – 180/200
  • Phase 2 – 220/240
  • Phase 3 – 260/280

Chou can also easily move through walls with the special short dash part of this skill and the third part of Skill 1 will replenish Skill 2.

Shunpo or Blink

This skill is very beneficial and compatible with Chou. By triggering this skill chou will use a short dash and improve his physical strength and his shield depending on the physical attack for about 2 seconds. He will also withstand all the effects of CC and can run through walls.

The Way of the Dragon (Blink, CC)

This Ultimate Chou also comes in 2 Phases. During the first phase, Chou will knock the enemy while dealing with severe damage. You can use this skill once more within the next 2 seconds when he will chase the opponent and deliver four kicks and some more serious damage.

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How To Skill Up Chou

First, you should unlock Chou’s first skill and then take it to the maximum level. Likewise, upgrade your Skill 2 and then the Ultimate when it is available.

Best Emblem Spells and Sets

These are some of the best Emblem Spells Sets and

Chou Kung Fu Boy

Emblem Set

You can Chou either as an Assasin/ Fighter or a Tank. Here is how you can use Chou for both of these situations.

Chou as a fighter

You should go for the Custom Assasin Emblem Set if you want Chou for a damaged build. Just follow these steps to set your talent points. You can chase your enemies faster with the extra movement provided by Agility.

With Bravery your physical attacks will improve slightly. Your physical pen will be boosted to improve your skill 2 power with Invasion. Choose Dry and High or Killing spree as the final point of your build depending on the situation. Both are very useful for Chou

  • Agility (+2)
  • High and Dry (+1)
  • Invasion (+3)
  • Bravery (+1)

Chou as a stunner Tank

Adjust the talent points accordingly if you want to use Chou as a stunner tank and then choose the Custom Tank Emblem Set:

  • Inspire (+3)
  • Vitality (+3)
  • Brave Smite (+1)

Your HP can be improved by 200 with Vitality and you could reduce the cooldown of your skills with Inspire Finally by setting Brave Smite at least 5% of your Max HP will be restored when you apply CC on an opponent. The main objective is to make Chou more lasting during his time as a Tank.


The best spell for him is Flicker. Flicker, his ultimate, may catch opponents off guard. This also works well with his skill sets and abilities,  allowing him to attack or retreat from any potentially dangerous battle.

This is all for this guide, Do read our Mobile Legends Guides for more similar content such as How To Get Free Diamond or the latest Mobile Legends redeem codes and more.

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