Free Diamond ML Legit (2024)

There are some methods that you can use to obtain free diamonds on ML without having much hassle. In this short guide, we are going to discuss some of the working methods that you can use and get free diamond ML.

free diamond ml

Diamonds are difficult to come by in Mobile Legends since they are such desirable money. However, there are a few options:

Broadcasting Mobile Legends

You may earn diamonds by streaming the game, as players will offer them to you. Flowers are worth two diamonds, jewelry is worth six diamonds, a roadster is for 250 diamonds, a boat is worth 1000 diamonds and an aircraft is worth 5000 jewels. This is the most practical method for obtaining free Mobile Legends gems.

Lucky Spin

In the ‘Draw’ portion of the store, you may play the Lucky Spin to collect skins and, more crucially, Lucky Gem pieces that can be used to redeem a skin or hero from the Lucky Shop, which is an excellent method to save diamonds.


if you’re a skilled enough player, you may enter contests to earn diamonds and even real money. Moonton, for example, has previously organized a diamond challenge event with a top prize of 5000 diamonds and $1500.

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Diamonds may be purchased for various sums of money in the Mobile Legends marketplace. The more you buy, the more you receive free as a bonus, like with most free-to-play currencies.


If you’ve previously bought any diamonds, you may earn more by utilizing recharge.

PointsPrizes Online Survey Website To Get Free ML Diamonds

PointsPrizes is an online survey website that offers free mobile legends diamonds. To get free diamonds you needed to complete given tasks such as online surveys, watching ads, and doing a few second tasks for consumer research within the website.

Once you collect the points by completing the given tasks. You can easily convert those points to the PointsPrizes rewards catalogue which includes Google Play Claim and get Free Diamonds without money for ML. Along with that, there are other options also included for rewards such as gifts, cash, coupons, restaurant, etc.

points prizes

Working Apps For Free ML Diamonds

While there are several Mobile Legends free diamond tricks available, we do not encourage using them. We also encourage you to avoid third-party sites that sell Mobile Legends diamonds.

However, they may be cheaper, they are sometimes gained via unlawful ways, and utilizing tricks like these will almost certainly result in your account being banned.

That concludes our tutorial on Mobile Legends diamonds! Mobile Legends is available for download on Google Play and the App Store if you want to try it out for yourself. See our list of the top mobile MOBAs for more comparable games.

Best Apps To Get Free ML Diamonds?

Mobile Legends bang bang players have just one complaint and question: how can they instantly raise their diamonds? They may go further in the game and learn more about MLBB Free Diamond is a free application that gives players an endless quantity of diamonds in their game.

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Download the application, and provide your ID and any other relevant information. Set the number of diamonds you want (how many diamonds you want) and click OK. Those diamonds will be in your game. It truly makes your life easier when it comes to gaming.

  1. VeeU
  2. NimoTV
  3. Dent Android
  4. Kubik News
  5. New Cat

You can download these applications and get free ML diamonds by completing given online tasks such as online surveys or downloading any third-party application etc.

What is Marjotech PH?

If you have diamonds in your game, you may unlock a variety of additional features. You may have a variety of skins, and MLBB players are well aware of the importance of skins in the game. Your battling abilities may be improved. There are other aspects as well. To make use of all the features, download the app.

Diamond Generator With No Limits

The primary goal of the application is to supply MLBB players with an endless quantity of Diamonds to play the game in peace and without the worry of running out of diamonds. Just concentrate on the battleground.

Injecting Diamonds is a simple process

Injecting the diamonds is a simple procedure. Download the program. Open the app and input your ID as well as any other essential information. Input the desired amount of diamonds in the game and hit the create button. That’s all there is to it.

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There is no membership or registration required

Yes, the application does not need membership or registration. Developers have done their utmost to keep the program simple, and they have been pretty successful.

Diamond ML Friendly Interface for Free

Without a doubt, this program offers one of the most excellent and user-friendly interfaces among injecting tools on the market. We’ve already gone through the injection procedure, and you can see how simple it is to utilize this tool.

Compatibility: There is a wide range of compatibility.

It works with every version of Android. That imposes no limitations. The program is ready to use if your Android version is higher than 3.0 and your RAM is more than 2GB.

How To Redeem Codes In Mobile Legends?

To redeem codes, launch the game and then visit the Mobile Legends code exchange website.

You’ll need to locate your account ID in-game. By pressing on your profile symbol, you’ll see a lengthy number on the right side of the screen that looks like this: “ID: 123456789 (12345).” The bolded number is the one you should use.

  1. In the Game ID box on the website, write down that number, and then hit Send.
  2. You’ll get an in-game email containing a code that you may copy and paste into the website’s Verification Code box.
  3. Start putting in the codes you received, suitable for 30 minutes, and then touch on Redeem.
  4. Your goodies should be sent to your in-game inbox shortly!

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