Mobile Legends Redeem Code Free (September 2022)

Mobile Legends redeem code: Players in Mobile Legends often get presents such as hero skins, diamonds, borders, and other items from game creators, prominent players, or even a buddy. Moonton Games often offers free redemption coupons for different events, steams, and even a bonus with diamond purchases.

However, many gamers are unaware of how to redeem coupons in Mobile Legends free codes. However, some individuals may not be aware of how to use the codes we get in ML. So, here’s how to redeem coupons in Mobile Legends free codes step by step.

mobile legends redeem code

How To Redeem Code In Mobile Legends A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a compete for step-by-step instructions that you needed to follow in order to redeem your free code in Mobile Legends. Follow the below-given steps carefully.

1. Take a Screenshot of your Mobile Legends Free Codes ID

In case if you don’t know where to find your ML ID then just open the game’s profile area to obtain your Game ID. The game ID is located underneath the settings on the right side of the screen.

2. Go to The Mobile Legends official Code Exchange Website

Open the game’s ML code redemption website in the web browser on your device and fill in the required information. Now you’ll need to enter your game ID along with the redemption code.

redeem code ml
Mobile Legends Code Redemption Webpage

3. Send the Code for verification

To acquire the verification code, enter the Game ID and then simply choose the send option given in the red color.

4. Copy the verification code and enter it into the ML Redemption Webpage.

Login to your email provider platform for example Gmail or Yahoomail. Because verification code will be sent to you in an email with the subject line “Official Website Verification Code Mail.” Copy the code from the email.

ml redeem

5. Tap on Redeem button to get your prize in your game inbox

Return to the ML Code Redemption Site and enter the verification code along with the redemption code. “Sending the prizes, please don’t redeem again,” the player will be told after a successful redemption. On successful redemption, players may check their in-game mail for their goodies.

List of Mobile Legends Redeem Code (Working)

These are some of the working ml redeem codes.

November 2021 Codes:

  • baut3njr234r22d77 – redeem this code to obtain free rewards.
  • 6v62gg7qhtyx22d4t – redeem this code to get free ml rewards.
  • ypxwe83b2udw22d4r – redeem this code to get free rewards ml.
  • mlbbblackfriday – redeem this code to get free ml rewards.
  • mlbb11megasale – redeem this code to get free ml rewards.
  • MCC10BVIEWS – redeem this code to get free ml rewards.
  • 4brrwp7wqp2h22cgc – redeem this code to get free ml rewards.

Working Codes:

  • NEXT0922 – Hero Trial Pack (3), Hero Trial Pack (1), Five Hero Fragments and 25 Magic Dust
  • tfc6eb3u9nc4228tw – Ten Premium Skin Fragments, Double BP Card (single day) and 100 Magic Dust
  • Jpzp6cqhzwx7228gk– Five Premium Skin Fragments, Double BP Card (single day) and 50 Magic Dust
  • rzv6wwd2uynr2285d– Double Exp Card (single day), Double BP Card (single day).
  • gqpymmzum8py228r8– Skin Trial Pack , Small Emblem Pack, Hero Fragment or Double Exp Card.
  • MayYourWishesComeTrue– 30 Magic dust, 30 Tickets, One small emblem pack, and 5 Hero fragments.
  • 2021SummerCarnival – discount coupons and a Double BP card.

How Can I Get Free Mobile Legends Redeem Codes?

It isn’t easy to get free redemption codes for Mobile Legends. However, the Moonton does, sometimes release some of the free codes for players on the regular basis.

That way nobody knows when does Moonton releases free codes It’s simply a coincidence. It would help if you kept up with all of their activities. And there’s social media to contend with, as well as the need to be fast! I’ve compiled a list of times when Moonton offers free redemption coupons.

  • Streams From Official Sources
  • Seasonal Events on Official Social Media Channels
  • Moonton supports special Diamond buy sales from third parties.
  • Any other relevant point to consider.

How Can I Receive Redeem Codes For Mobile Legends?

Redeem codes for Mobile Legends may be found on sites like Facebook, Reddit, and Discord. The codes are usually released on important occasions such as milestones, festivals, collaborations, and special events. Once the new redemption codes are available, we will update this post. Keep this page bookmarked and check for new ML codes regularly.

Things You Should Know About ML Redeem Codes

  • Moonton’s redemption code consists of 17 characters and is a mix of letters and digits.
  • The user ID for the mobile legends game that you use to play
  • Moonton is the only place where you may get the verification code.
  • The redemption code is only valid for the Indonesian area and not for the rest of the world and vice versa.
  • Only one redemption code may be used.
  • The redemption code has an expiry date and is only good for a limited time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Mobile Legends Redeem Codes with a complete explanation.

How Do I Copy My ML ID?

To get your ML ID you needed to login into the Mobile Legends and then navigate to the profile, Below the Settings button you find your profile ID.

How do I redeem my ML 2021 code?

To redeem your ML 2021 Code you needed to visit the ML Code Redemption Website. After this, you needed to enter your Game ID and Redeem Code. The verification code was sent to the email address that you needed to copy and again visit the same redemption page. Now paste the code and select Redeem button given in the red color.

How do I claim skin code ML?

To claim the skin code in mobile legends you needed your Game ID, then visit the official Mobile Legends code exchange page. After this fill in the information and the verification code will be sent to your email. Copy the verification code and paste it to the redemption page to claim the ML skin without having a hassle.

Where can I get a ML redeem code?

You can find the ML redeem code on its official Reddit account, social account, official streams, etc.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful to obtain some of the working ml redeem code. In case if you’ve any issue using these codes then feel free to tell us through the comment box. Don’t forget to share these codes with your friends for good.

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