Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile (2024)

Call of Duty is a well popular battle royal video game and recently the developer of COD released it on a mobile platform that allows mobile phone players to play this amazing battle royal game without having a hassle on their cell phones.

Moreover, recently COD mobile get updated with new maps and advanced weapons for the players. Everyone looking for a proper guide or the best gun in the Call of Duty mobile to deal high-end damage to enemies.

Fortunately, here in this guide, we have shared the data and gaming experience that help beginners to equip better weapons in the game.

Well the COD Mobile has multiple guns that you can use in battle and we are going to show you some of the best guns you can use in the Call of Duty Mobile game for dealing massive damage.

Best Gun in Call of Duty Mobile: Ranked

In this article, we have generated an order of guns available in COD Mobile according to their features and specification along with damage. Let’s take a look at some of the best guns you can use in COD Mobile and win the game without having a hassle.

All Call of Duty Mobile Guns

1. Man-O-War11. MSMC21. Hades31. AK4741. Type 2551. M4LMG61. RPD
2. DLQ3312. AS Val22. Arctic-5032. Echo42. GKS52. BY1562. CBR4
3. DR-H13. R9-023. Holger 2633. Crossbow43. HBRa353. HG 4063. Kilo 141
4. ASM1014. AK11724. SP-R 20834. QXR44. Kilo Bolt-Action54. M464. MAC-10
5. M1315. PP19 Bizon25. Striker35. Outlaw45. XPR-5055. M1665. SVD
6. QQ916. Chopper26. SKS36. AGR 55646. FR.55656. M21 EBR66. Koshka
7. HVK-3017. KRM-26227. Fennec37. NA-4547. Chichom57. Pharo67. Oden
8. MX-918. CR-56 AMAX28. RUS-79U38. PDW-5748. ICR-158. UL73668. PPSH-41
9. Locus19. Peacekeeper MK229. KN-4439. BK-5749. RPD59. HS212669. KSP 45
10. MK2 Carbine20. Cordite30. Razorback40. LK2450. HS040560. S3670. JAK-12
71. Rytec AMR
72. Swordfish

Best Guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Here we have listed the top ten guns of COD mobile according to the following details damage, accuracy, range, fire rate, and mobility. Let’s take a look at the COD Mobile guns.

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The PDW57 is one of the best close-combat guns in COD Mobile. Because it has high-end damage that takes down enemies within a few seconds. Most of the COD players prefer PDW57 in multiplayer games however some prefer to use it in Battle royal. In terms of specification, this can deal 90 damage, 40 accuracies, 25 range, 50 Fire rates, and 75 Mobility.


man o war gun

The Man-O-War is on second on our list of best guns in COD Mobile because of its specifications, it has high DPS, fast recoil, and stable accuracy. The player also prefers to use Man-O-War in the battle royal section because of high-end damage. The gun is simple to use and a perfect substitute for the PDW57 in different COD Maps.


pharo gun

Recently COD Mobile get updated with Wild West in which new weapons like Pharo were introduced that are specially built for Rust map in Call of Duty Mobile. The gun has high-end damage with stable accuracy but has an issue with the recoil but you can resolve it by adding an attachment to the Pharo. An attachment like Foregrip can increase the speed of recoil. This is one of the best SMG guns that players prefer to use for close combat.


m13 gun

The M13 is one of the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. The gun has high-end damage but you cannot able to use it in close combat. If you’re playing multiplayer then one of your teammates can use it as the sniper in the game. It’s one of the best and most unstoppable guns that deal massive damage to the enemy in a single shot.


m4lmg gun

The M4LMG is one of the best LMGs available in COD Mobile. In terms of the specification, the fun has very low recoil and takes down the opponent in a second. In numbers it can deal 60 damage, 56 accuracies, 45 Shooting Range, 55 Fire Rate, and last but not least 40 Mobility.

One of the important factors about this LMG is that it has an in-built powerful iron sight without a sight scope that helps players to take down the opponent easily without having a hassle.


DR-H gun

DR-H has a high-end fire rate that allows players to kill opponents in a blink it is extremely efficient in the Fire Range, Raid, and Meltdown maps in Call of Duty Mobile. The gun becomes deadly when you complete its attachments, the DR-H is designed for close fights and helps players to win more gunfights by simply boosting damage, fast ads speed along with great recoil control.

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RPD gun

The RPD is also one of the best LMD guns in COD Mobile. Similar to the M4LMG is also has low recoil. COD Mobile players prefer to use this gun in long-range gunfights in both gaming modes Multiplayer and Battle Royal. In terms of the specification, it has 65 damage, 41 accuracies, 50 range, 65 Fire Rate, and last 40 Mobility. Most of the players use a 1.5X scope to increase the accuracy of the RPD gun in close gunfights in COD Mobile.


ASM10 gun

ASM10 is also the best gun for close-range gunfights. However, the gun does not possess the best fire rate same as other Assault Rifles but it can deal heavy damage to the opponent in a few seconds.

Moreover, the player can attack MIP Light Barrel (Short) along with the MIP Strike Stock. They can also swap the Sleight Of Hand perk for the Full Metal Jacket perk to shoot armour-piercing slugs. Loadout of a large magazine ASM10 in COD Mobile


Arctic.50 gun

The Arctic.50 is a sniper rifle that comes with one of the highest mobility compared to other snipers in the COD mobile. Most of the snipers that play in multiplayer mode prefer to use the Arctic.50 because of its specification such as high-end damage, impressive fire rate, and high mobility.

In numbers, it has 85 damage, 52 accuracies, 95 range, 30 fire rate, and 50 mobility. It’s a super firearm option for longer kills. The Arctic.50 comes in-build 8X scope that gives a longer range for elimination and it can take the opponent in a single shot that’s why players especially snipers prefer to use it for longer-range gunfights.


QQ9 gun

If you’re looking for easy to operate SMG gun then QQ9 is best for you. Basically, the QQ9 gun is used by the players in the rust map in COD Mobile. The gun has a high end of damage along with a fire rate that allows you to take down the close-range opponent in a blink. Most of the players prefer to use this gun in close gunfights that allow them to win more fights without getting much damage.


DLQ33 gun

In terms of specification, the DLQ33 has 90 damage, 60 accuracies, 95 range, 15 fire rate, and 45 mobility. It’s one of the best substitutes for Arctic.50 in terms of sniper guns. Most of the players prefer to use this gun in multiplayer because of its features and another point is that DLQ33 does not available in Battle Royal mode.

When it comes to the DLQ33 attachment the 1.5X scope is preferred for better accuracy it has some issues with recoil but it can deal high-end damage to the opponent in a single shot.

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Striker gun

Striker is a shotgun in COD Mobile. The player prefers to use this gun in close gunfights, especially in Multiplayer mode. In terms of specification of Striker, it has middle-range firepower but can be operated in short to mid-range fights without having a hassle. Well, it also has pretty fast recoil compared to other shotguns available in COD mobile. Best in accuracy and mobility. But lack in fire rate and range for longer-range gunfights.


HVK-30 gun

The HVK-30 is a well-balanced Assault Rifle with a dynamic design. This gun can easily be used in close and long-range gunfights to deal high-end damage to the opponent in a few seconds. Most of the COD mobile players use the HVK-30 Assault Rifle for all types of gunfights.


Locus gun

Locus is one of the deadliest Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. Because it has massive damage and great accuracy along with mobility but it also lacks its recoil same as other snipers’ guns. If you’re a sniper in your team then you must use this bolt-action sniper rifle as a substitute in long-range gunfights.


AK47 gun

AK47 is well popular Assault Rifle and indeed it’s the king of all assault rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. The gun has the best specification compared to other assault rifles such as high-end damage, great mobility, and great range but lacks in fire rate. This gun can have enough firepower to wipe out an entire squad within seconds.


mx-9 gun

MX9 is a submachine gun in Call of Duty Mobile. Basically, it’s a submachine gun with full-auto mode. The fire rate is balanced with moderate recoil. It’s the best gun to take an entire squad in COD Mobile in close-range gunfights. Most of the players prefer to use this gun to deliver high-end damage to the opponent in a few seconds.


ak117 gun

AK117 is an assault rifle available in COD Mobile. The gun has a high-end fire rate compared to other assault rifle guns along with good accuracy and damage. Players use this gun as a substitute for AK47 because both guns can deal high damage to enemies in close range and both guns have high firepower. In numbers, it has 50 damage, 50 Accuracy 45 range 70 fire rate and 60 mobility. You can use this gun in both gaming modes Multiplayer and Battle Royal.


msmc gun

MSMC is another one of the best SMG guns in COD Mobile. Because it has a blistering fire rate that makes this gun more dangerous in the entire game. In terms of firepower, it has a high-end fire rate along with great accuracy, mostly it is used in close-range gunfights for a fast kill.


holger-26 gun

The Holger-26 is an LMG gun in COD Mobile loadout. Basically, this is a hybrid gun that stands between LMG and Assault Rifle. It is classified as an LMG due to its standard 100-round high-capacity barrel. The magazine, on the other hand, uses the 5.56 NATO cartridge, the least effective ammunition type in the LMG category. You’ll fire the shots, but they can’t prevent as quickly as other, slower LMG bullets.

KRM 262

krm 262 gun

KRM262 is classified as a shotgun in Call of Duty Mobile. Despite multiple concurrent changes, mobile Following the last patch update, the weapon has regained its former glory in multiplayer mode, reversing some of the nerfs it received in more recent upgrades.

This is all for this guide for more similar articles do read our Call of Duty Mobile Guides such as how to get free COD points or is COD Black Ops Crossplay and more.