5 Best Hidout Crafts in Escape from Tarkov

Looking for some of the best hideout crafts in Escape from Tarkov? Well you on luck today we are here to help you out.

Escape from Tarkov is a popular first-person shooter game known for its intense gameplay and realistic mechanics. In this game, players scavenge for loot items that can be used for various purposes, including trading, crafting, and completing quests.

Here we cover some of the most profitable hideout crafts and loot items in Escape from Tarkov and discuss their uses and trade values.

Ox Bleach

Ox Bleach tarkov

Ox Bleach is a valuable loot item that can be found in various locations, including sports bags, dead scavs, and ground caches. This item holds significant importance in the “Spa Tour – Part 3” quest, where players are required to find or craft two Ox Bleaches for completion.

To craft Ox Bleach, you will need one bar of soap, an alkaline cleaner, and a pack of sodium. With a Lavatory Level Two, the crafting process takes approximately 38 and a half minutes.

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Bitcoin Farming

bitcoin farming eft
tarkov hideout crafts

Bitcoin Farming is also one of the profitable ways to make a good amount of in-game currency (Roubles) in Escape from Tarkov. Bitcoin farming in EFT is the same as it is in real life you need to set up a farming unit with graphic cards that will mine the Bitcoin for you.

Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper Tarkov

Toilet paper is a generic loot item that can be found in various locations within the game. While it may seem like a mundane item, it holds significant value in Escape from Tarkov due to its use in trading. Players can barter, trade, buy, and sell toilet paper across traders or at the flea market.

Toilet paper can also be crafted in the hideout using one sheet of printer paper, which produces two toilet papers in twenty-six minutes. The profitability of trading toilet paper lies in obtaining cheap printer paper, with the aim of securing it for 10,000 rubles or less.

Slickers Chocolate Bar

Slickers chocolate bar tarkov

The Slickers chocolate bar is a food item that can be found in Escape from Tarkov. While it provides a quick energy boost and nutrition, its true value lies in its use for trading. Players can combine Slicker’s bars with other items to obtain desirable items such as a weapon case, an SSO attack-2 raid backpack, or a scav vest.

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Crafting Slickers bars in the hideout requires a nutrition unit of level two and produces seven bars over a little over an hour. These crafted bars can be sold for profit or used for personal consumption to gain minor buffs such as intellect, attention, and stress resistance boosts.

Secure Flash Drive

Secure Flash drive Tarkov

The Secure Flash drive is a highly sought-after quest item in Escape from Tarkov. Players need to find this hard-to-obtain loot item to complete certain tasks such as “What’s on the Flash Drive?” and “Shady Business.”

Obtaining the Secure Flash drive through the hideout craft is a viable option for players looking to earn passive income and complete the aforementioned quests. The craft requires one broken iPhone, one broken iPhone X, and one SSD, and it takes approximately 34 hours to complete at the Intelligence Center level two.

The Secure Flash drive can also be used for crafting the object 11SR keycard, Military flash drive, and topographic survey maps, making it a valuable item for players to acquire.

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Can of Condensed Milk

Can of Condensed Milk Tarkov

The Can of Condensed Milk is a sought-after food item commonly found in ration supply crates. If you’re eager to obtain this item, consider searching the Medbay area on the Woods map. Trading 60 cans of condensed milk, along with some oat flakes, can reward you with a Kiba Arms outer door key. Alternatively, you can trade three cans of condensed milk for a Velocity Systems MPPV patrol vest.

Therapists, at level four, and Ragman, at level three, offer these trades respectively. Crafting three cans of condensed milk requires one pack of milk and one pack of sugar, with a nutrition unit level two. After crafting, it’s advisable to sell the item directly to the Therapist to avoid flea market taxes.


These five hideout crafts in Escape from Tarkov provide various opportunities for players to enhance their gameplay, earn profits, and acquire valuable items.