Escape from Tarkov: How to Unlock Lightkeeper?

Escape From Tarkov is known for its unforgiving nature, and the introduction of the Lightkeeper NPC adds another layer of challenge to the game. Unlocking this elusive character requires completing specific quests and achieving a Scav karma of 2.0.

Additionally, players must overcome various obstacles to reach the Lightkeeper’s location. It’s important to note that the rewards for completing his quests may not be substantial, but the thrill of discovering the secrets he holds can be a satisfying experience for dedicated players.

How to Unlock the Lightkeeper in Escape From Tarkov

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Unlocking the Lightkeeper is a difficult task that needs determination and commitment in Escape from Tarkov.

The Lightkeeper is located at the Lighthouse on the peninsular island that you can find on the Lighthouse map, more importantly, the Lightkeeper is not your specific merchant. Rather than offering items for trade, he acts as a client for particular quests in the game.

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The Lighthouse Map and Quests

To gain access to the exclusive domain of the Lightkeeper in EFT you need visit to Lighthouse Island and complete these two quests in the game. The Lightkeepers and Lighthouse quests.

Achieving Scav Karma of 2.0

However, completing the quests is only half the battle. To fully unlock the Lightkeeper, players must also achieve a Scav karma of at least 2.0.

This can be done by using the vehicle exits on maps and completing tasks from Fence to earn more karma. Once all the tasks are completed and enough karma is accumulated, the Merchant Mechanic will assign a new task called “Network Provider – Part 1,” which will unlock the Lightkeeper.

Unlocking the Lightkeeper with “Network Provider – Part 1”

“Network Provider – Part 1” is the final task that grants access to the Lightkeeper. This task acts as a climax of the previous quests and challenges, where you need to prove your value and commitment.

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Once the quest is finished, the Lightkeeper is unlocked and you earn access to the mystery he has for you.

Overcoming Obstacles to Reach the Lightkeeper

Reaching the Lightkeeper is no straightforward task, as there are lots of obstacles you must overcome. The Lighthouse Bridge is loaded with explosives so make sure to keep your guards up while crossing the bridge.

Likewise, a previously used route to unlock the locked door inside the Lighthouse using the digital security DSP radio transmitter has been patched and is no longer viable.

Players who depended on getting the digital security DSP radio transmitter through the mission “The Skier’s Shit” will find that this method has been fixed and is no longer accessible.

Despite the challenges and risks involved, if you manage to reach the Lightkeeper in Escape From Tarkov should be prepared for potentially valuable rewards.

The requirements to unlock the Lightkeeper are high, and unfortunately, there are no exclusive items or significant benefits associated with interacting with him.

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However, for those driven by the thrill of exploration and the desire to uncover every secret the game has to offer, the journey itself may be a worthwhile experience.


Escape From Tarkov introduces the enigmatic Lightkeeper, a new NPC that adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game. Unlocking the Lightkeeper requires completing specific quests, achieving a Scav karma of 2.0, and overcoming various obstacles.

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