How To Catch Golurk in Pokemon Go

Golurk is a Ground and Ghost-type of Pokemon and it was introduced in September 2016 during the PokeDex expansion event. Golurk Pokemon is an evolved version of Golett. Golett will evolve into Golurk at level 43.

You won’t believe how strong Golurk is, Golurk has to store energy in his chest through a seal. If the seal is broken or opened he can take down the town.

So, you don’t want to miss the marvelous Pokemon in your PokeDex. If you don’t know how to catch Goulurk then Go through the guide. Here we have mentioned Golurk Pokemon Go

How to Catch Golurk in Pokemon Go?

Finding Golurk isn’t that hard, you can find the Golurk where Ground and Dark / Ghost-type Pokemon are found. So you have to look at open fields, valleys, and beaches, also you can find them in urban settings after dusk.

Golurk Pokemon Go
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If your Golurk isn’t spawning don’t be disappoint you can first Golett and then at 43 you can evolve Golett into Golurk. You can find Golett during the night at places like Churches, residential areas, parks farmland, and other Rocky areas. 

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Golett has a 30% catch rate and the spawn rate of Golett increase during the Fog/Sunny weather.

Against Golurk there are not any chances of Ground type of Pokemon. Golurk Pokemon Go has the moves like Mud-Slap, Shadow Punch, Dynamic Punch, and Earth Powers. 


You can find Golett and then at level 43 with 50 Golett Candy you can evolve Golett into Golurk. You can find them at church, residential areas, open fields, and beaches. The catch rate is 30% so it’s hard to find but if you keep searching you can find Golurk

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