Best LMG for Warzone 2 Season 4

Warzone 2 Season 4 has brought a new wave of excitement and challenges for players. As you gear up for intense battles in WZ 2 Season 4, having the right loadout can make a significant difference in your performance.

In this guide, we will explore the best LMG (Light Machine Gun) options available in Warzone 2 Season 4. From their features to their effectiveness in various situations, we will guide you through the top LMGs to dominate the battlefield.

Best LMG for Warzone 2 Season 4

These are some of the best LMG that you can use in COD Warzone 2 Season 4.


RAPP H Loadout
best lmg warzone 2

The RAPP H stands out as one of the fastest-firing LMGs in Warzone 2 Season 4. Its high rate of fire makes it an effective choice for quickly eliminating enemies. However, when it comes to long-range combat on Ashika Island and Vondel, the RAPP H falls short in terms of damage and accuracy, which places it at the bottom of our list.

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5. 556 Icarus

556 Icarus Loadout
best lmg warzone 2

The 556 Icarus offers impressive mobility in Warzone 2, making it feel more like an Assault Rifle than a traditional LMG. With its excellent fire rate and recoil control, it provides a versatile option for players. However, similar to the RAPP H, the 556 Icarus suffers from reduced effectiveness at long ranges, impacting its ranking on our list.

4. Sakin MG38

Sakin MG38 Loadout
best lmg warzone 2

The Sakin MG38 is an LMG that excels in terms of ease of handling. With great damage, range, and manageable recoil, it proves to be a reliable choice for long-range engagements in Warzone 2. Despite its strengths, the Sakin MG38 falls behind in terms of range damage and mobility compared to higher-ranked LMGs.


RAAL MG Loadout
best lmg warzone 2

The RAAL MG had its glory days in the previous season, but it now finds itself in a lower position on our list. While it didn’t receive significant nerfs, the buffs to other LMGs like the RPK and HCR have pushed the RAAL MG down the rankings. With proper attachments, its recoil can be managed effectively, and it still offers a high time-to-kill (TTK) and impressive damage range, making it a solid option among LMGs.

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2. RPK

RPK Warzone 2
best lmg warzone 2

The RPK has consistently remained one of the most popular Warzone 2 weapons since its introduction. It caters to different playstyles, whether you prefer a heavy LMG or a build resembling an Assault Rifle. In Season 4, the RPK received significant buffs to its damage and mobility, solidifying its position as an excellent choice among LMGs.

1. HCR 56

HCR 56 Loadout
best lmg warzone 2

Topping our list is the HCR 56, a fully automatic LMG that boasts exceptional qualities for Warzone 2 gameplay. It combines great damage, excellent recoil control, and high mobility, making it a formidable weapon in Season 4. When equipped with the right loadout, the HCR 56 proves to be the most effective LMG in the game.


In Warzone 2, the choice of LMG can greatly impact your performance on the battlefield. While each LMG has its strengths and weaknesses, the HCR 56 stands out as the top performer, closely followed by the RPK and the RAAL MG. Consider your playstyle and the specific requirements of each engagement to make an informed decision about which LMG to equip.

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