Who is Jey Uso’s Wife? Answered

Joshua Samuel Fatu, also known as Jey Uso, has been married for some time. However, he keeps his wife from the spotlight so much that the WWE universe does not have much information about her. 

Takecia Travis is Jey Uso’s wife, and they married in 2015. The couple met in their teenage years. I have explained all the information collected from social media, forums, and blogs in this article. Stay tuned to learn more about Takecia Travis. 

who is jey uso married to
takecia travis

How did Jey Uso meet his Wife?

Jey Uso was an avid football player and continued to play competitively in his university period during 2001-2003 before starting his career in WWE. However, Takecia Travis’ interests were not shared. They met in the 9th grade at Florida Escambia High School in Pensacola. 

They both attended high school together, and Takecia is expected to be in her thirties or forties, as they have a potential age difference of 2-3 years. The couple has two beautiful children: Jeyce and Jaciyah Fatu. They are both older than ten now. 

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Takecia Travis and Naomi – Uso’s Family Wives

Takecia Travis is the wife of Jey Uso, while Naomi is the wife of Jimmy Uso. Both are twin brothers and professional wrestlers, Naomi’s real name is Trinity Fatu, and she was born in Sanford, Florida. 

She started wrestling back in 2009 and has won several championships, including WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and SmackDown Women’s championship