15 Minecraft Paintings You Must See (2024)

Painting in Minecraft is an amazing way to decorate your base, make secret entrances, and give your best adventure maps a little extra life. It may be hard to think of ideas to decorate your house, but this post shows you the best Minecraft decor ideas.

If you are looking for the best Minecraft decorations which all look a lot better in the interior of your home, then this is the article that you need to check out. If you are a painter yourself, you can make some amazing paintings for Minecraft using these great brushes on Procreate.

Minecraft can be a little intimidating and confusing for those who are new to it, so we have listed 15 of the best Minecraft paintings in this article and their little description.

Best Minecraft Paintings List (2023)

These are some of the best Minecraft paintings that were way to popular in the Minecraft game.


minecraft paintings
minecraft paintings

In Minecraft, there is a unique painting called the Creebet. Additionally, it is included in the Painterly texture pack for the game. Using commands in Minecraft, one can get this painting that is based on the creations of artist Verisimilitude.

One of the earliest artworks in Minecraft, it shows a creeper peering through an open window at you. Mountains and the ocean may be seen behind the creeper.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Minecraft Painting
minecraft paintings

Kong is a giant ape in the Donkey Kong series of games. He is the main antagonist of the game and has kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend, Pauline. Players have to make their way through a series of levels on various different platforms, jumping over hazards and enemies, to save her.

Kong painting in Minecraft is about the famous character from this Nintendo series. The picture that you see in the painting is from level 100m from the game and you can see Kong’s face in it.


minecraft paintings
minecraft paintings

Wither is a boss mob in Minecraft, but it is not based on the artworks of Kristoffer Zetterstrand. Instead, it pays homage to the boss mob Wither and shows how to spawn. In Minecraft, players can have a Wither fight with a pack of skeletons.

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They will need bone blocks for spawning it and for building an arena around it for protection from its deadly skulls and purple bursts of energy. The soul earth block building with the Wither skeleton heads on top is clearly visible.


minecraft painting
minecraft paintings

Pigscene painting is a type of art where it is created paintings using the blocks only in Minecraft. Pigscene painting is usually quite colorful, and often feature other Minecraft mobs like pigs. There’s no fixed rules on what should be in the portrait, so painters can get creative with their designs.

The pig mob (also known as the pigman) is one of the most common mobs in Minecraft since it’s easy to farm and find in jungles and swamps. However, they can also spawn randomly during night time too if there’s enough light around them to create an artificial sky.


all minecraft paintings
minecraft paintings

Aztec2 is a painting that can be found in Minecraft and is based on a screenshot of a de-Aztec map of Counter-Strike. The team behind Minecraft is into FPS shooters also and so they added this painting into the game. Many non-Minecrafters believe that Minecraft is unrelated to the world of video games with guns.


painting in minecraft
minecraft paintings

The next painting in our list of the most gorgeous paintings created in Minecraft is one for all food lovers. As implied by the title, the sole subject of this picture is a kebab.

The kebab in the artwork actually has three green chilli peppers, and its real name is “Kebab med tre pepperoni,” if you’re interested.

Skull on Fire

paintings minecraft
minecraft paintings

You must hang this painting in your Minecraft castle if you ever want to build one. The background of this painting is inspired on the game Minecraft.

The artist also provides us with a 3D skull that is on fire in the foreground. The fire does not resemble the one you encounter in-game, as you had anticipated. The paintwork still works nicely with most builds, though.


painting recipe minecraft
minecraft paintings

Bust painting in Minecraft is a continuation of the style and design of classical busts that are traditionally seen in empires and ancient Rome. This Texture Pack for Minecraft has been designed to replicate a classical bust in the form of a Bust Painting.

Which is an extension of the style and design of classical busts that are traditionally seen in empires like Rome. The painting depicts Marcus Aurelius, who is a stoic philosopher and Roman emperor.

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The Void

minecraft paintings all
minecraft paintings

The Void painting in Minecraft is a location, where even if you are in the creative game mode, you cannot survive. This painting honours the void by depicting a pixelated fire burning inside of it and an angelic figure praying to it. The void of Minecraft’s planet serves as the game’s final endpoint.


all paintings minecraft
minecraft paintings

The design of the Pointer painting in Minecraft was inspired by a fighting pose that was seen in another game called International Karate+. The game has the main character standing tall and poised, with a hand being raised up and they are ready to fight.

The pointer painting in Minecraft is more than just a tribute to the game International Karate+. It also features an additional detail that you may not notice right away. The pointer is wearing a jacket that looks strikingly similar to the one worn by the main character in International Karate+.


how to make a painting in minecraft
minecraft paintings

Alban is a 1×1 block-wide painting, representing a man wearing a fez and standing next to a house and a bush. Alban was created by the artist, zenolijo, on the 24th of February in 2016. It has been described as “a personal project exploring the idea of an imaginary friend.”

It was created during the time when Alban resided in his creator’s bedroom. The painting was made to demonstrate how easily one could create paintings in Minecraft and has since been used for many purposes including teaching children about design and art.


minecraft painting recipe
minecraft paintings

One of the most popular modes in this game is the creative mode which offers unlimited resources, no health meters and no creatures. The player has unlimited options with which they can design their own world without any restrictions.

Fighter painting in Minecraft is an art form that emerged from a desire of players to explore their artistic side and create artwork within the confines of a video game. The artworks are often landscapes or buildings – landscapes and buildings that serve as inspirations for the artist’s imagination.


biggest painting in minecraft
minecraft paintings

Bomb painting is a type of painting that can be used to depict explosions or other effects. The paintings can be crafted by combining a bucket of lava with a clay block.

Bomb painting is a painting that allows the player to find secret areas in Minecraft. Mostly, Players throw a bomb at the ground and if it explodes, they will know there is an area below them. Sometimes, these hidden areas are filled with valuable loot.

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minecraft all paintings
minecraft paintings

Wasteland painting is a decorative block in Minecraft that can be used to simulate the effect of a fire or nuclear fallout. These paintings are very iconic in the world of Minecraft.

They represent one of the most destructive forces in Earth’s history, but at the same time, they also portray a major turning point for civilization. The use of these paintings has grown recently and it is thought that players use them for decoration or for more sinister purposes.


minecraft painting sizes
minecraft paintings

In Minecraft, the game world is made of blocks. The game is so popular that it has been developed for many platforms and versions including PC, Xbox, Windows Phone and iPhone. One of the features in Minecraft are plants.

These can be used to generate flowers, fruit trees, trees or bushes with various textures. So this painting is just made for depicting plants in it and it’s created through the use of individual blocks which users can purchase from the store in-game or from other players through trading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Are there 3×3 paintings in Minecraft?

Simply build a 3×3 wall for the painting to hang on in order to produce a 3×3 painting. If there are sufficient blocks, it will produce a 3×3 artwork.

Do paintings break in Minecraft?

A painting will snap after one second if the block it is resting on is broken. You have a brief window of opportunity to change the block before it breaks. That’s kind of cool! A distant fishing rod or bow can also destroy paintings.

How do I make a secret door in Minecraft?

Use grass blocks to cover the hole’s surface to conceal it. On either side of the stone block construction, install pressure plates. The stone block construction will expand as you stand on the pressure plates, opening your “door.” Create a stone structure in any shape all around the “door” to hide it.

How big is the Donkey Kong painting in Minecraft?

The 100m stage from Donkey Kong is depicted in one of the game’s 4×3 paintings.

Are Minecraft paintings based off real paintings?

The artwork in Minecraft was inspired by actual paintings created by Zetterstrand, who also worked on its pixelization. Most solid blocks allow for the placement of paintings on their sides.

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