How To Craft the Minecraft Fletching Table? Full Guide (2024)

Minecraft game has lots of items that are sometimes easy or hard to craft similar to the crafting of the pirate ship in Minecraft is really hard for beginners.

But crafting the Fletching Table is not that hard and you can use the Fletching Tablet in order to hire Fetcher from the Minecraft Village. Because currently, the Fetching Tablet is the only option to give unemployed Villagers a professional job.

What is a Fletching Table and Why Need it?

The Fletching Table looks like the other wooden block but this block has bows, and arrows crafted on it. As you also see in the given image.

Mainly in Minecraft the Fletching Table is used to provide the unemployed villagers with a job and gain Emeralds. Along with that the player also uses the Fletching Table to acquire access to resources related to archery and Bows.

How To Make Fletching Table In Minecraft?

fletching table
Minecraft Fletching Table

Creating the Fletching Table is easy as cake in Minecraft and anyone can easily able to craft if the player knows what items are used to craft it. The resources that you need to craft the Fletching Table in Minecraft are as follows.

  • 4 Wood Planks
  • 2 Flint
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How To Obtain Wood Planks?

You can easily get the Wood Planks in Minecraft. Basically, every single Wood Log can be converted into 4 Wood Planks. More importantly, you can use any type of Wood Plank in order to craft the Fletching Table. So once you have The Wood Log open the Crafting Table and obtain the Wood Planks.

How To Obtain the Flint?

In order to get the Flint in the Minecraft game, you need to dip up the bunch of Gravel. Because when you mine the Gravel alongside it you will 1 Flint.

Create Minecraft Fletching Table (Step by Step)

Once you have all the 2 Flints and 4 Wood Planks of any kind or type. All that is left it crafting the Fletching Table and here are the steps you need to follow in order to craft it.

1. Open the Crafting Table and crafting menu in Minecraft and make a 3×3 grid means 9 cells.

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Minecraft Fletching Table
Minecraft Fletching Table

2. Now place the 2 Flints on the top cells and 4 wood planks on remain 4 cells and show it in the above image.

how to make Fletching Table
Minecraft Fletching Table

3. Accomplishing this correctly will leave 3 empty cells in either the far left or far-right column.

4. After placing the resources in the crafting table in a few seconds you will get the Fletching Table on the right box.

Simply move the Fletching Table to the inventory.

For more detailed information watch this video.

The following versions of Minecraft have a fletching table available:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
Java Edition (PC/Mac) Yes (1.14)
Pocket Edition (PE)    Yes (1.11.0)
Xbox 360No
Xbox OneYes
Wii UNo
Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 EditionYes
Platforms Support Fletching Table in Minecraft

Congratulations, in Minecraft you made a fletching table!

Final Words:

Hopefully, you find this short article helpful in order understanding how you can make Fletching Table in Minecraft without having a hassle. For more tips and tricks check our Minecraft Guides including the How To Make a Potion of Weakness with complete information.

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