Genshin Impact | Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

Genshin Impact is of role-playing adventure game there are lots of quests that players can complete and collect rewards. Luhua Landscape Quest is based on finding the paint brushed and defecting the mages.

Here we cover information to help you to complete the Luhua Landscape Quest without having much hassle.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

vermeer's paintbrushes

To start the Luhua Landscape Quest player need to interact with the Vermeer at Luhua Pool and make you’re at Level 30 to begin this quest. When interacting with Vermeer he asks you to bring back its painting stuff such as Paintbrush and paint bag that allows players to unlock the Luhua ruins where you need to take down the mages and collect the loot.

Vermeer’s Paintbrush Locations

Mainly there are 2 paintbrushes of Vermeer that you need to find. The locations of both paintbrushes are on the opposite side of the Luhua Pool.

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first paintbrush of vermeer
vermeer's paintbrushes

The first paintbrush is located at the western side of Luhua Pool, on top of the mountain near the warp stone once you reach the exact location shown in the above map look for the Yellow flashlight of items on the ground near the tree trunk.

second paintbrush of vermeer
vermeer's paintbrushes

The second paintbrush is located totally opposite the Luhua Pool on the eastern shore close to the nearby ruins you find the paintbrush near the broken bridge on the ground.

Once you collect both Paintbrushes return them to the Vermeer. Once you return Paintbrushes the Luhua runes are unlocked. For you to move forward in the Quest.

Luhua Pool strange rocks locations
vermeer's paintbrushes

After returning the Paintbrushes you need to investigate the stone markers available on the terrace pond. Simply insert the strange rocks into the two statues at Luhua Pool.

Defeating Abyss Mages

After that use the Geo Skill we recommend using Noelle’s shield to save time and activate the central monument of the ruins at Luhua Lake. Once the door of ruins opens you need to enter it.

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Here you will encounter three mages that you need to defect.

  • Cryo Mage
  • Hydro Mage
  • Pyro Mage

After defecting all three mages collect the loot from all three chests to access the rewards on runes.

This is all for the Luhua Landscape Quest guide. If you are interested do read our Genshin Impact Guides for more helpful content to level up your gaming experience.

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