5 Best Smite Source Alternatives in 2024

Smite Pro Builds is an excellent tool that can help you to find a good build for yourself. The Smite Community Tool is a great tool to help find the perfect build for your character. Also, while searching for the best builds that you can utilize to decimate your opponents, you may have stumbled upon Smite Source.

A platform which boasts of being a leading portal to player’s profiles, Elo ratings, and builds. So, if you are looking for a list of the best websites, such as Smite Source, to make a Smite Pro build, we have put together them for you, below. You can satiate your hunger for Smite Pro builds by using any of the alternatives of Smite Source listed in this article.

What is Smite Source?

SMITE’s gameplay puts you into an open-ended arena that resembles a colosseum, where you are charged with fighting against fabled deities, using an array of strategies and powers.

Smite is a multiplayer-focused MOBA, which allows players to take control of a third-person God. In Smite, players battle it out over a particular map in a context with its own set of rules.

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With the changes in balance happening several times over the course of a year, with new gods constantly joining the battlefield, and the overhauls to old gods happening, there is still an up-and-down race to be the best Smite god. 

Smite has over fifty gods, all of which possess various abilities and attributes. While different than your typical MOBA, Smite source is still an enjoyable, engaging in-game experience. Smite Source can be used as a platform for getting the best, latest builds of each god, but much of its data is outdated.

smite source
Smit Source Alternatives

Best Alternatives to Smite Source

Smite Guru

Forget Smite Source, Smite Guru is definitely the most popular site that one should check out for all things Smite. As one might expect, Smite. Guru has tons of builds, ranked ladders as determined by the community, stats, and data about the Gods, such as win rates, talents, etc.

You can get an idea of who is performing well, what they are playing, and what builds they are embracing by checking the ranking that Smite Guru gives the best players on different platforms. 

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Smite Fire

Smite Fire dwarfs the Smite Sources in every way, and unlike the Smite Guru, provides builds that are stat-based, not builds made at random. It serves as both a database and stats-gathering site, with one of the unique features being the fact that.

It supports a huge amount of community-contributed builds. The website offers a wide variety of builds, as well as statistics, community-approved tier lists, and god-related data like victory rates, talents, and more.

Gestal GG

Gestal.GG, formerly known as Smite Pro Builds, is essentially a tool for the Smite community that offers easy access to professional players’ builds.

You’re going to adore it despite the fact that it isn’t as well-known as Smite Source or provides as much charisma as Smite Fire does. The site automatically shows the builds that SPL players used when you only perform a search, and the filters let you locate the god, opponent, role, and league that you’re looking for.

Smite Game

Smite Game might not be as popular as Smite Source, and it might lose a bit of Smite Fires appeal, but you are sure to have fun playing it. In every way, Smite Game dwarfs Smite Source, and unlike other websites, it offers builds based on stats as opposed to ones created at random.

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The website includes a tonne of builds, community-approved tier lists, statistics, and god information like victory rate, talents, and more, as you might expect. Overall, this website is fantastic, and even as a novice, you can easily use it to enhance your experience.


One of Zathong’s distinctive features is that it hosts a large number of community-collected builds in addition to serving as a stat collection website and database. It provides gamers worldwide with general information about the games for those who require it.

It makes a lot of effort to maintain the Smite builds and guidelines current, and it will assist you in creating the ideal god build for the Meta. You’ll like its user interface, which is rather simple to use and offers the possibility to construct your own guide and deity concept, in addition to the fact that it is generally fairly accurate.

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