illusion Connect Tier List Best Radiants

Illusion connect is one of the best RPG video games. that was introduced by Superprism technology. The characters in the game have different roles and duties. illusion Connect has 50 different characters and they are known as the Radiants.

Here we have featured an illusion Connect Tier List based on the current game meta and characters’ stats such as damage out, survival rate and versatility and more.

In illusion connect mobile video games you can add up to 50 gradients. There are many giants you can recruit in your team but to win the match you need to choose the perfect team.

The characters/gradients are disputed in four different tier levels. Tiers S, A, B, C and D. all Tiers have characters that you can choose in the game to win the battle.

S Tier

illusion connect characters

The S tier carries all the strongest characters in the illusion connect game. This character has a high winning ratio in the team with high-end delivering status of ATK and defence. The list of characters is mentioned with their strength to get more clarification on which player shall add to the team.


Miyuki is an excellent character in illusion connect she is best in close combats because Miyuki is perfect in delivering high-end attacks to the opponent during the battle. Miyuki’s main strength is reducing the rage during the match.

  • Reduce The Rage
  • Able to attacks the opponent team and deals ATK*300% damage
  • Attacks opponents in one column dealing 120% damage


Nicola is one of the few Sorcerers who can be used by many teams due to her adaptable kit, which reduces the enemy’s DMG Res Rate continually. Because her entire arsenal centers around Lifesteal, she may be a fantastic unit for any PvE content. She’s an excellent complement to any squad if you’re looking for a character with utility, sustain, and damage.

  • Main strengths: Great damage aspects.
  • Can attack a single foe
  • Special skill ATK DMG


Phoebe is an AoE damage dealer with a unique Passive that allows her to temporarily render up to three deployed units invincible. Phoebe may also survive for a long time thanks to her passive, which allows her to resurrect once after taking lethal damage.

  • DMG, Protects, Allies, reduce the targets DEF
  • Attacks the opposing team, doing ATK*265 percent damage and lowering the target’s DEF by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Attacks a single opponent and deals ATK*120% damage.


She’s aloof, changeable, and acts as if she doesn’t give a damn. She’s scared of the curse on her blade and how it can harm others around her, so she keeps them at bay by being chilly and solemn.

  • Grade attacker, export forger ability, DMG, Crit DMG.
  • At Level 300, ATK – 31013, DFE – 5589, HP – 71858 and Speed – 295.

A Tier

is illusion connect shutting down

The tier A characters have all the required skills a radiant needs, the other gradients have some skills in other forms which can help you to win the battle. As all the characters don’t have all the expertise, the other tier characters will fulfill it.


When Rynda is in the front row she can transform the mechanical box into the protective arm, and grant the shield 280 percent of Ryna ATK to Ryan and her teammates directly behind her. She even reduces the damage up to 20 percent for 2 rounds in the game. Rynda is also one of the perfect characters that you can pick for your team to get the glory in the game without having a hassle.

  • Great deal to damage,
  • Attack opponent team and deliver ATK*280 damage.
  • Every opponent that killed by Ryan restores 240 rages for her.

Sakura Minamoto

When Sakura’s HP drops below a certain threshold, she gets Zombified, gaining 100 percent ATK, DEF, and HP. All assaults will be directed at a single random enemy, and you will not be able to gain Rage from them. Deploy Sakura, Ai, and Junko as a team. When Sakura, Ai, or Junko attack, other allied idols unleash a combination attack as well.

  • inheriting ATK, 100% DEF, the defender cannot gain rage.
  • Triggered effect, inflicting bad luck, reduces the foe’s attack.
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Ai Mizuno

When Ai’s HP drops below a certain threshold, she becomes Zombified, gaining 100 percent ATK, DEF, and HP. All assaults will be directed at a single random enemy, and you will not be able to gain Rage from them. Deploy Sakura, Ai, and Junko as a team. When Sakura, Ai, or Junko attack, other allied idols unleash a combination attack as well.

  • Inheriting 100%, combo attack with other radiants.
  • Inflects damage to columns of enemies. Reduces the foe’s DEF.


Grant is upbeat and optimistic, but perhaps a touch naive. He deals with issues in a straightforward and unselfish manner. His bravery in the war never ceases to inspire. To a single enemy, does ATK * 400% damage. Deals an extra 1% true damage for every 1% of Max HP or shield.

  • Purifies all evils, enemies not able to deal critical hits in presence of Grant, has a shield, spirit healer,
  • Reduces, AOE DMG has sword and damage to whole foes.


Ion is also one of the strongest characters in illusion Connect but she lacks in some points and only an experienced player can able to play with Ion in the game. Ion can deliver damage the 3 tier to the opponent and also inflicts additional damage, has battleax and attack directly to foe, has stabbed and hit from distance, sword to slashes enemy column.

  • Ion can inflicts 2 tier damage to the opponent and each tier deliver ATK*80 percent damage.
  • Ion can swing her battleax to dispel the target or opponent invincible status.


If Yuffie is on the front row she can boost the AOE DMG of all the teammates to 17% with switch effects. Moreover, the unique skills of Yuffie allow her to deploy 5 sorcerer class partners but the skill required activation.

  • Increases strength of the team, done additional damage to the enemy, can take extra damage of the team,
  • Destroy the enemy using the Abyss

B Tier

illusion connect tiers

The B tier character was perfect to play with them you need to learn about their skills and abilities and master them in order to get these characters to work in the battle. Moreover just like the A tier characters the B tier characters need more training and practice.


For the longest time or at least until Ming and Diana acquired Awakening she’s been a staple character who many regarded ‘the best’ healer in Illusion Connect. When Anna is present, she grants 16.5 percent DMG Rate and 16.5 percent DMG Res Rate to all associated allies.

  • Hold the team together, deploy at least 5 patterns, restore HP level.
  • Can attack and damage more in a single move to all foes.


Maki may not be as powerful as Kasumi or some of the newer Attackers, but she’s still a force to be reckoned with, especially if you outfit her with the appropriate equipment and Awaken her. She especially shines on a full Attacker team with Nightmare Hunter Leader, as she will substantially benefit from all of the ATK increases she receives.

  • After maki die the attacker has to deal with great damage after the allied partner dies, and inflects the enemy.
  • Attacks a single foe more than other radiants strike cut through steel.


Yume, I believe, will be an excellent addition to team 2. She has the ability to take on the role of Miyuki. Her passive also reduces the rage bar’s speed. Yume is a supporting character who also has the best idle passive for gaining experience.

  • Reduces enemy’s rage, increases DEF of them, shower fire rain on the arrow, and has a magical attack.
  • Yume can attack the opponent with a single foe and inflict DMG penetration by 25 percent.


Angela is a must-have unit in many team configurations right now, thanks to her kit, which makes her not just tanky but also highly unpleasant by resurrecting dead allies whenever she arrives. So, if you utilize units like Spirit Healer (who can revive) or Jason, you can summon her again, restoring one additional ally each time she revives.

  • Angela can revive one deadly ally partner.
  • Active defensive mode has a dimensional shield.
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Hotaru studied the formations her father left behind when she was younger, thus she is aware of plans and tactics. Her personality, on the other hand, is more suited to armed confrontations than to planning everything out on paper first.

  • Great combo dealing with one column, inflicts a lot of damage,
  • Stun the targets, can attack a single foe.


Ming is a new introduced character in illusion connect and Ming is a better healer compared to Anna in the game. Morever you can pick ming as in your team for not only healing but also a little bit of defence and attacking abilities.

  • Spirit resorts to the team, max Hp,
  • Restore ATK*220 HP for all the allies.
  • Every ally healed by Ming can get 20% ATK.


Because many players do not have a fully improved Anna, Diana is an excellent pick for a healer. Even if she doesn’t have AoE heal, she’s a fantastic choice. She can be used as a secondary healer in PvP (Evernight Cruise or Ares’ Battlefield) because if she awakens, she will quickly restore 50% of the Leader’s HP.

  • Ally leaders restore HP, and partner with the lowest HP.
  • A single opponent attack by Diana can deal ATK*168% damage.
  • Diana’s special allows her to deal ATK*335% damage to a single opponent.

C Tier

illusion connect weakest character

C-tier characters are mainly focused on healing and supporting the team in the game. Moreover, if you’re a professional player of illusion connect then you can easily able to handle this tier of players very easily.


Many players have obtained, maxed out, and probably do not utilize Fenebeth, the Witch of Misfortune as often as they would want. At the very least, I know I’m guilty of it. This powerful witch can inflict a Curse that transforms all healing into damage and has huge AoE damage.

  • A curse to all foes, take lots of damage and heals.
  • Her unique skills allow her to deal ATK*280% of damage.
  • Special skills allow her to deal ATK*168% of damage.


Jason is best in attacking and healing the allies during the battle in the game. Moreover, you can say Jason can be perfect if you know how to his skills and abilities in the game. However,he lacks in the defence so you need to depend on other teammates

  • Restore lots of HP of the team, reduces rage of the enemy, can revive the partner, save the team member.
  • Special skill allows jason to restore HP up to ATK*150% to the mates with the lowest HP.
  • Passive skill allows jason to restore HP equal to ATK*265% and can reduce the rage.


Rotania is can be a perfect attacker from the front row. Her passive skills allow her to increase the DMG rate up to 7 percent to every foe mate in the game. Her unique skills allow her to deal ATK*200% damage to all the opponents at once.

  • Increases for damage, can attack all enemies
  • Attack from below through energy waves.


Selena’s damage and sustain are fairly consistent, and she can restore a lot of HP to herself and Leader, as well as buff the Block Rate, with her Awakening. Overall, she’s a good tank who will fit in nicely with most lineups due to her ability to avoid death. When you combine that with a good healer or two, there’s a good chance she’ll never die.

  • Gains immunity, has a shield, and attacks a single foe.
  • Increases the HP, and inflicts damage.


Gemmy can be perfect support to the team in the illusion connect. Moreover, the gemmy dies she can revive and obtain ATK*100%, DEF*100%, HP*1% along with the 1000 rage in the battle. Her passive skills allow her inflict DMG equal to 420 percent of ATK to the single opponent along with extra damage of 12 percent of the opponent HP.

  • Gemmy can revive by himself, trigger 1 time per battle, inflicts damage.
  • Randomly increases patterns health.


Shiki can be perfect as a supporting member of your team in illusion connect. Her passive skill allows her to increase the DMG RES rate up to 30 percent. Moroever, her unique skill allows her to inflict DMG equal to ATK*365 to 3 random opponents.

  • Stunned, goes to battle, reduces radiant DMG.
  • Triggers Enrage, inflicts ATK.
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Given that Nefir is a Sorcerer, you might expect her to be a character with a lot of AoE damage or some form of utility that can help a Sorcerer team. That isn’t really the case, though. Nefir has AoE damage, but it isn’t particularly high.

  • when dies randomly kill the ally and transfer damage to the target.
  • Swaps the hp with others, damage all enemies, recovers HP.
  • Unique skills allow never to inflict 160% damage.

D Tier

connect illusion


She is an anti-Sorcerer unit with excellent equipment that is very simple to use. Hersey is adaptable to any squad, and she was formerly the kryptonite of the popular all-Sorc teams. More importantly, Hersey is a featured figure in most banners, she’s fairly simple to unlock and enhance.

  • She can Inflict ATK DMG and can attack a single foe.
  • Looking for prey, sorcerer partners are attacked first.
  • Her unique skills allow her to attack to the single opponent and deal ATK*410% damage.
  • The special skills of Hersey allow her to deal ATK*168% damage to a single opponent.


Brooke is also one of the most powerful characters in the game. Her passive skills allow her to absorb the QI of heaven and earth when she appears along with she can also restore the 500 Range of the ally from behind.

  • Her unique skills allow her to deal ATK*240% of damage.
  • Their special skills of Brooke allow her to attack a foe column and deal ATK*180% damage.
  • Absorb QI of Heaven and Earth.


Vivian is the second Illusion Connect character that you must know about. she’s a character that many players will have by now and who falls into an unusual area – she can deal damage, tank, and have some utility, but she can’t do all of things at 100% efficiency.

  • 6 energy is reduced from the next partner.
  • Increasing own def, utter mysterious spells.
  • Her unique skills allow her to deal ATK*180% of damage to the opponent.


Sakai is also a good fighter in illusion connect here are some of his combat skills and abilities. Sakai’s passive skills allow him to increase the Guardian Partner’s Reflect Rate up to 30%. When it comes to unique skills the Sakai can use the Magic Sword Awareness of the Tobin Family and make all partners to release the round of attacks.

  • Guardian partners reflect rate increases and restore 500 rage has magic sword awareness,
  • Reduces energy consumption.


Seeger is kind of a psychic that can able to control the minds. Her passive skills allow her to show the most desperate dreams in the opponent’s mind. Moreover, when Seeger is present in the battle she can able to deal 360% of Max HP as the true damage to all partners. With his unique skills, she can desperate flowers bloom and deal ATK*220 % of damage.

  • Play with opponent’s mind.
  • Makes desperate flowers bloom.
  • Releases the thorns of pain.


Junko is the last character of the D tier, her some of his details Junko can HP drops below a certain threshold, and she gets Zombified, gaining 100 percent ATK, DEF, and HP. All assaults will be directed at a single random enemy, and you will not be able to gain Rage from them. Deploy Sakura, Ai, and Junko as a team. When Sakura, Ai, or Junko attack, other allied idols unleash a combination attack as well.

  • A great deal of damage.
  • Increase the inflicts.

That’s all for the top two tired radiants, as you see all radiants have different skills, the same skills radiants use their energy differently percentage-wise if the one radiants have one energy source and one is high then the other radiant with the same energy will have a different energy level which makes a perfect balance for the team.

While creating teams does not completely depend on the attacking team, as the other team will attack your radiants, you should have a radiant who has a shield, restore energy, reduce rage, recover team members and revive also.

This is all for this guide for more similar articles do read our Tier List Guides for more helpful tier lists such as Seven Deadly Sins Tier List or Cookies Run Kingdom Tier List and more.