Pinnacle Gear: How to Reach Max in Destiny 2?

In Destiny 2 once you reach the level of Powerful Gear cap you can change to Pinnacle Gear to you the final 10 levels need to achieve the Gear cap. Does levelling up the gears in Destiny 2 will give you an advantage in the endgame activities?

Every new season in Destiny 2 has a new power level cap. Here we featured the power level cap of Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph.

Destiny 2 pinnacle gear
What is Pinnacle Gear

Destiny 2 Power Level Cap (Season of the Seraph)

Power Level Cap is the attribute that helps your character to get the max level of gear they are using in Destiny 2. For the Destiny 2 Season 19 Season of the Seraph, the max level was boosted by 10 points. Below we have mentioned all the level caps available in the Season of the Seraph.

Level CapPower LevelGear needed
Starting Level1350
Soft Cap1520Any
Hard Cap1580Powerful
Pinnacle Cap1590Pinnacle

The Soft Cap of 1520 can only be obtained by playing the in-game mode that includes rare items and legendary items such as King’s Fall raid, Nightfall: The Ordeal, Engrams, Dungeons and more.

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The Hard Cap can only be achieved by getting powerful gears. Once you get to level 1520 in Destiny 2 the game becomes diffuse and now you need to get the powerful gear to progress further into the game.

To get powerful gears you need to complete certain tasks and activities in Destiny 2. Such as eight vendor bounties, Prime Engrams, Exotic Engrams, Exotic Quests, Trials of Osiris and more.

The last Pinnacle Cap is achieved by getting the Pinnacle gear. To level up to 1590 power level you need to perform certain activities and tasks in Destiny 2. Such as Playlist activities, Trials of Osiris, Raid completions, Dungeon completions, Iron Banner and more.

To reach the max level you should focus on completing the below-mentioned activities first in the game.

  • Level Up your Alt Account.
  • Finished the Vault of Glass Raid
  • Finished the Seasonal Challenges
  • Witch Queen’s Legendary Campaign

This is sum up for the Pinnacle Gear guide for more helpful content such as how to get Divinity and more do check our Destiny 2 Guide.

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