League of Legends: Milio Release Time and more

Are you wondering when Milio will be released in League of Legends? Don’t wonder anymore; learn about the Milio Release time and more in this article. 

Milio is one of the new champions in League of Legends. He is the first Enchanter in the game.

Milio is an addition to the features in the League of Legends ranked lobbies. Milio can boast the ability to heal and shield his allies. He can also increase his allies’ range, movement, and speed. 

lol Milio
Image via Riot Games

When is Milio releasing in League of Legends?

Milio is already released in League of Legends he was released on:

Release Date: 22 March 2023 

Milio was released with the League of Legends Patch 13.6. The release time for patches usually is:

Release Time: 

  • 3:00 PM PT 
  • 5:00 AM GMT 
  • 3:00 AM CET 
  • 8:00 AM KST 
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Milio arrived on PBE on March 7, 2023, two weeks prior to the official release.

Milio Abilities in League of Legends

As I mentioned before, Milio is the first enchanter in the game. His primary ability is to support his allies, for which he has many items. Here are all the powers Milio Has:

  1. Passive: Fired Up
    • Milio can enchant his allies on touch. This makes their next attack burn the target.
    • The burn 
    • The damage will help Milio increase his level.
  2. Q: Ultra Mega Fire
    • Milio can knock an enemy by kicking a ball 
    • The ball will hit and fall toward the enemy, damaging the enemy on impact.
    • The damage and slow amount will help increase Milio’s Level.
  3. W: Cozy Campfire
    • Milio can create an empowering zone that will reach the near-allied champions.
    • The zone will help allies heal and increase their attack range. 
    • The Heal and the attack that the allies will do help Increase Milio’s level
  4. E: Warm Hugs
    • Milio can toss a shield to an ally which helps increase their movement speed.
    • The shield will absorb their damage and also increase their speed.
    • The shield and the allies movement will help Milio increase his level.
  5. R: Breath of Life
    • Milio can unleash a wave of soothing flames
    • These flames help heal the allies and remove the crowd from the ally.
    • The healing and crowd control will help Milio increase his level.
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That is all for the Milio released in League of Legends and more about it.